How To Find Tire Size On A Car? On Complete Guidance!

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Do you know the meaning of this P185/60R14 82H tire? This combination of letters and number is primarily a car tire size number. Many vehicle tires have a number that means the size of the tire

Finding tire size once for inflating a tire can be a hassle. There are many different types of tire inflators, and you will not be able to find one that matches your car if you do not know what you are looking for. Knowing what to look for and finding the right tire inflator is crucial for ensuring that your ride will come out just right. With this in mind, read on to find out how to find tire size on a car today!

the more significant the tire’s width, the better the handling capacity and traction of the vehicle.  

So, if you want to change your car’s tire size, first, you need to know what size tires are fitted in your car. 

However, do you know the size of your tires?  No need to worry if you don’t know it.  So, you can read our article to know more about tire size.

In today’s article, we will cover detailed information about how to find tire size on a car, what is meant by the size numbers. So let’s first find out the size of the tire.

Tire Sizes and Specifications?

4 Way Find Out Your Tire Size On A Car 

If you want to change your tires, you need to select a tire that fits your car’s wheels. Unfortunately, if you don’t know the actual size of your car’s tires, you can’t buy the right size tires.  

So first, you need to know your car’s tire size and know that you can look at the tire size chart.

The manual attached to the car has the size of many devices, including tires. 

But it would not be wise to select the size of the tire depending on the manual as the manual does not give the exact size of the tire.  

Fortunately, it’s still easy to figure out the size of the tire. There are certain places from where you can easily find out about its size. The places are: 

4 Way Find Out your Tire Size !
4 Way Find Out your Tire Size

1. The sidewall of a tire

Car manufacturers provide the size of the tire on the sidewall in printed form. The sidewall is called the outer wall of the tire, which contains some vital information. Also there, has some information which is arranged through numbers and letters. 

If you have trouble bending down to see the size of the tire, you can also search the following places where you can easily find out the size of the tire.

2. Driver’s Side Doorjamb-

The driver’s side door in the front seat of the car has a jamb tire size number.

3. Inside The Glove Box Door-

The size number is also given inside the glove box attached to the car.  

4. In the gas tank hatch

Or you can search the number of tires in the gas tank hatch, and its size is also given there.

Understand The Tire Specifications :

By looking for the tire size in the above places, you can now quickly know your car’s tire size.  Typically, the tire size is equipped with many abbreviated letters or numbers that we have mentioned above.  

But do you know the meaning of that short form of letters or numbers? If you do not understand the meaning of these tire numbers, you will not calculate the total size of this tire.  

So to understand its specifications, see the following section: 

Let, the tire size in your car is P235 / 75R15 82S.  


P: It means the passenger vehicle tires. This letter is used on the tires of any passenger car. Sometimes there may be ‘LT’ instead of P, which means ‘light truck tire.’  

Also, if there is ‘ST,’ it will mean ‘special trailer.’

235: The number 235 indicates the tire’s width, which is expressed in millimeter units (235 mm).  

75:The number after the slash sign is usually the value of the tire, the direction ratio.  This percentage is obtained by comparing its width with the height of the tire.  

R: In the next part of the number, we see the letter ‘R,’ which means radial construction. When ‘R’ is replaced by ‘B’ or ‘D,’ they mean ‘belted bays’ and ‘diagonal bays’ construction.  

15: The next part of the letter is a number. The number fifteen indicates the diameter of the wheel rim.  The value of this diameter is usually expressed in inches. 

82: The number 82 refers to the tire load index.  As such, the load index of 82 will be 475 kg or 1047 lbs.  Calculating the total load index of 4 tires (485 * 4) = 1900 kg.  

S: The last letter is meant to indicate the speed of the vehicle.  That indicates that the maximum speed of this ‘S’ tire will be 112 mph.

Find Tire Size Specifications
Find Tire Size Specifications

We tried to tell you a lot about tires. The most special thing was the size of the tires. After buying the tires, he saw that the size is not. Then you may be disappointed. There is no benefit if you don’t know about tires before you go to buy tires.

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Knowing The Tire Size Matter

Since the tires touch the ground while driving, the tire responses should be monitored to ensure suitable vehicle handling. So, yes, tire size matters when driving.  

Tire size knowing very matter!
Tire Size Knowing Very Matter!

If the tires are significant, it will help to protect them from any accidents in bad weather. In addition, the grip of large-size tires is firm when moving on the ground, which allows the car to drive safely.  

However, most car users use large tires, especially when the road is covered with rainwater or snow in winter or rainy seasons. That is because such tires are needed to brake properly on rainy or snowy roads.  

Also, the larger the diameter of the car tire, the greater its width.  Let us analyze with the previous example. There was a tire width of 235 mm.  

Now, if you move from 235 mm to 215 mm, the tire will touch the ground less. That means that larger tires are more stable than other vehicles because they touch the ground more firmly.

Final Thoughts

Now that you’ve read the article on how to find the tire size on a car and learned the meaning of the words written on the tire. So now you can fearlessly pick new tires for your car. So many drivers choose a new tire for their car without any worries.  

But if the new tires do not match the size of your car’s tires, there can be many unwanted problems. So first, find out the tire size of your car and then buy the tire size to give the best structure.

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