Top 8 Best rims for tundra Reviews – Buying Guide & Benefits

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Rims replacement or upgrades are necessary for a car’s look. This kind of change will give your car a more stylish and glossy face. If you’re a “carholic”,  you must know about Toyota Tundra. Due to their exceptional style and functionality, they’ve earned wide recognition around the world.

If you are looking for eye-popping rims for a Toyota Tundra truck, you have come to the correct place. In this article, we will talk about the best rims for Tundra. So, let’s get into the discussion about it – 

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Just like every other car, new and upgraded rims can change the looks of the Toyota Tundra. Rims are one of the most expensive parts of a vehicle. So, you must be cautious about this before making a final decision of purchasing it. 

For this reason, you have to note down various factors and see different rims that could be suited for your Tundra truck. If you’re a truck owner, you must know the difference between wheels, rims, engines. Before going to the main discussion, we will talk about the benefits of the rims. 

What Tires are needed with Such a Rims For Tundra

There is no need to be confused with tires. We are talking about some tires keeping your thoughts in mind. I am giving the gender below to better understand.

Now, we are going to discuss the 8 best rims for Toyota Tundra. Let’s begin the discussion – 

01| RockTrix RT107- best rims for Toyota tundra 17″ wheel.

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Why Buying This Product |

This is one of the top-notch steel rims from Toyota. The look is super stylish and it comes with 6-139.7 bolt patterns. For this reason, it fits tightly on the truck. This rim is made of steel material and coated with a gloss black finish. Moreover, this RTX steel rim is famous for its dashing look. 

It is a huge success in the Canadian market. Although the Toyota Tundra is a rough type rim, this RTX rim gives it more tougher look. Additionally, you can trust it completely as it has passed several Certified Quality Standards. This product can even endure the harshest weather conditions. 

Furthermore, these rims are considered “perfect” for Toyota Tundra’s trucks. The construction is very sturdy. Apart from that, you will get high longevity. One of the most prominent things about this product is it can easily authorize high load tolerance. 

On the other hand, the installation process is very simple. It doesn’t have any complications. You just need to unbolt the old screws. After that, unfasten the old rim from the Toyota Tundra and replace it with the new ones. 

All in all, this steel rim is such a superb addition to your Toyota Tundra. The satin black gives it a beautiful finish while it also provides awesome durability and convenience. For all these reasons, it took the no. 1 position on our list. 

best rims for Toyota tundra 17" wheel after used  looking good

Highlighted Features:

  • These rims are centered by the studs – both of them are hub centric and lug centric
  • Satin black finish
  • Compatible with OEM TPMS sensors
  • The material is made of steel
  • The bolt pattern is 6 – 139.7.
  • That’s a very well-structured pattern.
  • Item Weight; 14.96 KG.
  • Exterior; ‎Matte.
  • Rim Diameter; 17 Inches.
  • Rim Width; 9 Inches.
  • Backspace; ‎4.5 Inches.
  • We recommend 265/65R17 WHEEL.
  • truck/suv/offroad tires.
  • 4.8 out of 5 stars [90%].

RockTrix RT107 PROS

  • The steel quality is simply mesmerizing
  • It can absorb high load tolerance
  • The wheels are tested and achieve various certifications
  • The matte black color finishing is eye-popping
  • Comes at a reasonable pricef

RockTrix RT107 CONS

  • No special feature at all
  • The customer service is not that good

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RockTrix RT107 Why Buy It?

The RTX brand comes with superior features. It also suits perfectly Toyota and Lexus cars perfectly. You’ll have better speed and acceleration with these rims. As a result, it will be a great addition to your vehicle. 

02| Vision- best 85 Soft 8 Black wheels and tires for Toyota tundra

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The awesome look gets to furnish the exterior for the prearranged designed vehicle. Vision is a giant in the rim making industry. Their Vision 85 soft 8 black wheel is such a perfect thing for Toyota Tundra. Hence, the structure and making are absolutely gorgeous. It is made of aluminum materials.

Furthermore, the matte black finish gives it an incredible look. It looks really splendid and feels sturdy. As the product is made of aluminum, you can expect it will last for a long time. On top of that, these rims are designed for the latest Tundras and can give fantastic support.

The installation process is not confusing. You can install it by removing the old one. Additionally, the rim goes 15 inches on its size against a suitable 7 inches thickness. The weight is around 30 pounds. Moreover, the exterior is painted finish which gives it a superior look. 

This steel rim will help you to run the truck without making noise. The lug holes in the rim are a bit bigger than the studs. However, the acorn lug nuts hold them on in a good manner. These rims fit well on SUVs too. As it is made of aluminum, you don’t have to worry about rusting. 

If you want a high-class and better performing wheel at a cheap price, this could be a cool addition. 

Vision 85 soft 8 black wheel

Highlighted Features:

  • Matte black finish gives it a glossy look 
  • Machined Aluminum Exterior
  • The materials are made of high-quality components
  • The rim diameter is 15 inches whilst the width is 7 inches
  • The color is painted finish. That’s why it looks amazing
  • 15×10 Wheel Rim.
  • Item Weight; 13.60 KG.
  • Rim Diameter; 15 Inches.
  • Rim Width; 7 Inches.
  • Backspace; 3.75 Inches.
  • Material; Aluminum.
  • 4.2 out of 5 stars [67%].

Vision 85 PROS

  • Untouched metal framework
  • Due to being constructed by aluminum, rust can’t spoil it
  • It looks so nice because of the beautiful finishing
  • The buildup is quite astonishing
  • No complication in installing process

Vision 85 CONS

  • They don’t come with center caps
  • Some customers reviewed that valve stem hole comes with damage

No products found.

Why Buy It?

The Vision 85 Soft 8 Black Wheel is absolutely gorgeous product. They also feel solid. Besides, the quality is nice and it gives a great value for money. 

03| Wheelership- best looking wheels for Toyota tundra

No products found.

This is another superb product. The inspiring performance can easily bring maximum results from the vehicles. Hence, innovative engineering is really appreciable. The product is made of alloy steel. Moreover, the tough styling of the wheels makes it one of the beasts in the rims world

The design is quite different and it will give an extra dimension to your Toyota Corolla sports car. This wheel has gone through several phases so far. It has been upgraded heavily. Besides, you can put full trust in this. The reason is these wheels has achieved various certification for their heavy-duty performance. 

You don’t have to think about the price. The price is very reasonable. Moreover, the balancing is also good. It fits nicely on Toyota sports car. The installation is not complex as you can easily do it by following the instruction given by the company.

Apart from the Toyota sports cars, it comes with good compatibility for passenger cars, SUVs, etc. Although it looks like a heavier product, it is actually lightweight. On top of that, it is a long-lasting product. It also ensures safety.

Wheelership- best looking wheels for Toyota tundra

Highlighted information

  • Tires Sizes- 215/45R17 91W review.
  • Item Weight; 14.28 KG
  • Rim Diameter; 17 Inches
  • Rim Width; 7 Inches
  • Backspace; 3.75 Inches
  • Material; Alloy Steel
  • Vehicle Type; Passenger Car
  • 4.7 out of 5 stars [84%]

Wheelership Tire Rim PROS

  • It has achieved various certifications
  • The product is long-lasting
  • Balancing is excellent while it fits nicely
  • Beast-type look and a heavy-duty product
  • The installation process is simple

Wheelership Tire Rim CONS

  • Hard to clean
  • Customer service is not standard at all

No products found.

Why Buy It?

This is an astonishing product by all means. You can ensure its performance as it has acquired several certifications. Moreover, it lasts long and you can use them in various weather conditions without a second think. 

04| Koko Kuture Kapan- best off-road wheels for tundra

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These car rim wheels are such impressive. They are very lightweight and glossy. Further, it can turn any car into a pure gorgeous. The finishing, looks, design – everything is nearly perfect. Another fascinating thing about this rim wheel is that it can easily draw the attention of the ladies! 

The Koko Kuture Kapan rim wheel is made of alloy steel material. It fits very well in any type of vehicle. Moreover, the installation process is completely hassle free. The color, look all are so astounding. These wheels are one of the most luxurious and demandable wheels. 

They are made of high-quality ingredients. Additionally, they are very strong and durable. The balancing of these rim wheels is also magnificent. Hence, the traction is superb in both dry and wet surfaces. The tread pattern is very aggressive. This is why drivers can easily drive the car on any type of surface.

Furthermore, it can also ensure safety and security while driving. The quality, design, warranty – all come in one package with this one. 

Koko Kuture Kapan- best off-road wheels for tundra

Highlighted Information!

  • Item Weight; light
  • Rim Diameter; 20 Inches
  • Rim Width; 9 Inches
  • Pitch Circle Diameter; 108.00 millimeters
  • Material; Alloy Steel
  • Vehicle Type; Passenger Car
  • 4.7 out of 5 stars [84%]

Koko Kuture Kapan PROS

  • The exterior design is super glossy
  • Traction is magnificent
  • Outstanding balance
  • Fits nice on any vehicle
  • All-season and all-weather grip

Koko Kuture Kapan CONS

  • Tire roar at best speed
  • It doesn’t come with lugs

No products found.

Why Buy It?

Want to impress the ladies?! Well, these rim wheels could easily do the job for you! They are so polished, sleek, and eye-popping. They are also durable and made of high-class ingredients. You will love them indeed! 

05| American Racing- best performance Custom wheels

No products found.

American Racing is providing utter satisfaction to its users for nearly six decades. The AR172 is providing superb output for motorsports. It is widely known as one of the best rim wheels for Toyota Tundra. Besides, it comes with a center cap. They’re incredibly good and look awesome.

This wheel greatly assists to keep away the muds and sterns to keep away from the spindle nut. The whole body is made of a high-class aluminum component. Hence, the exterior portion is polished with a satin black finish. This is why it looks so glossy. 

It conveys fantastic robustness to carry the imposed load. That’s why the whole loading stress gets distributed on the surface. Additionally, the brand will offer you a one-year finish warranty against molting. 

If you want to drive at a super speed, this wheel could help you immensely. It has a massive 149A speed rating. Moreover, the product is very lightweight. The weight of this wheel is only 16 pounds. In addition, the setup process is so nice and it fits well on the car.

American Racing-  best performance Custom wheels

Highlighted Information!

  • No steel material. The whole body is aluminum metal build up
  • It features a satin black finish that gives it more durability
  • The product’s whole measurement is perfect for Tundra vehicles. The rim diameter measures 17.0” against a precise width of 8.0”.
  • There is a total of six holes in it
  • Bolt pattern is 114.3 Millimeters
  • 7 Size Available this Rim.
  • Item Weight; 7.57 KG
  • Rim Diameter; 15 Inches
  • Rim Width; 7 Inches
  • Material; Aluminum
  • Color; Painted
  • Vehicle Type; Passenger Car
  • 4.6 out of 5 stars [82%]

American Racing PROS

  • Build with stable aluminum frame
  • The cover comes with a center cap
  • Magnificent load index rating
  • Very easy to clean
  • These are so incredibly good looking

American Racing CONS

  • The hub bolt is weak
  • There are no lug nuts while purchasing it

No products found.

Why Buy It?

This is certainly one of the top-class options for Toyota Tundra. It comes with various high-quality features as well as a delightful design. 

06| TRD PRO- best off-road rims for tundra Genuine Toyota 4Runner

No products found.

This is a product from widely famous rim manufacturing company Toyota Racing Development (TRD). The Genuine Toyota 4Runner Wheels are extremely compatible with Toyota Tundra trucks. One of the significant things about this product is that it makes the stock parts in shape.

This is why it looks heavily stylish and eye-catching. Just like its other automotive products, this model is well-designed for Toyota Tundra rims. Moreover, they are made of platinum alloy. That’s why they are highly durable. The exterior part is matte finishing.

On the other hand, the product is lightweight and convenient to install. This rim is mainly designed for new models of Tundra vehicles. If you’re a vivid Tundra user, you can go for it without a think. On top of that, these rims can easily increase heat waste. 

As a result, the wheels can maneuver without a problem under a much high load. You can fit these wheels in your car effortlessly. Moreover, the finishing and reliability are also outstanding.

TRD PRO-  best off-road rims for tundra Genuine Toyota 4Runner

Highlighted Information!

  • Item Weight; 12.83 KG.
  • Rim Diameter; 17 Inches.
  • Rim Width; 7 Inches.
  • Material; Aluminum.
  • Color; Matte GRAY.
  • Vehicle Type; Passenger Car.
  • 4.6 out of 5 stars [85%]


  • Enhancing performance
  • Made of platinum alloy. This is why it is so high-quality product
  • It can easily deal with harsh weather conditions
  • Riders get good control and traction while driving
  • One of the best off road rims for tundra


  • Availability is a problem
  • Cleaning is a bit hard

No products found.

Why Buy It?

If Nissan has Nismo, Toyota has TRD. They always provide the best wheels for Toyota Tundra. Moreover, they also supply best looking Tundra wheels. When you’re buying for Tundra, you don’t have to worry a bit if you’re buying products from TRD.

07| Method Race- MR305 best wheels for tundra

No products found.

Method Race wheels always provide high-quality products. They are specialize in supplying an array of off-road race wheels for trucks on the market. Further, these wheels are made of solid A356 aluminum metal. They are a great set of rims. Moreover, they’re good at supplying the best wheels and tires for Toyota Tundra.

The engineering of Method is literally awesome. The Race wheels MR305 has gone adamant testing before its release. Additionally, Method always applies their knowledge accurately in racing and this is what separates them from others. 

The MR305 wheel boasts a strong A356 fabrication with T6 heat treatment

Furthermore, Method MR305 NV one-piece wheel is one of the best rims for Tundra and it is highly popular among racers. It is deeply sturdy and reliable. Hence, the performance of these wheels on the off-road is also admirable. They seem extremely well built. Further, the finishing is excellent while they look just as good at a distance as they do upfront.

The MR305 wheel boasts a strong A356 fabrication with T6 heat treatment. Method MR305’s exterior finishing is matte black. As a result, it is good looking and long-lasting. It comes with powerful 2500 lbs. to 3640 lbs. load ratings with HD 4500 lbs. In addition, you’ll get a lifetime structural warranty with it.

Method Race- MR305 best wheels for tundra

Highlighted Information!

  • 10 Size Available this Rim.
  • Item Weight; 15.26 KG
  • Rim Diameter; 18 Inches
  • Rim Width; 6 Inches
  • Material; Aluminum
  • Color; NV Matte Black
  • Vehicle Type; Passenger Car
  • 4.8 out of 5 stars [90%]

Method Race PROS

  • Strong and durable
  • Good performance in off-road 
  • Very reliable. Gone through various testing before release
  • Fits well in Tundra and racing cars
  • Center cap is available

Method Race CONS

  • They can still improve the quality
  • Not highly available

No products found.

Why Buy It?

The engineering, quality everything is so superb with this rim. You will get a good value for money.

08| PRO COMP- Series 31 Stryker best wheels for Toyota tundra

No products found.

This is the last one on our list. The Pro Comp produced by the USA and these wheels is highly durable. Moreover, these wheels will help you to off-roading with your Tundra at any time. The look and design are sophisticated. However, the most significant matter about the product is it is affordable.

Furthermore, the 31 Stryker Matte Black is reliable and lightweight. The 15-inches wheel is designed by applying Low-Pressure-Casting Technology. This is why the strength of the wheel is so strong. Besides, the wheel is designed with a superior chrome finish. 

The wheel is made of aluminum alloy. It contains black, graphite, milled, chrome, polished and dual-tone finishes. Hence, the installation process is hassle free. You can do it just like other rims. All in all, it could be a great addition to your Tundra.

PRO COMP- Series 31 Stryker best wheels for Toyota tundra

Highlighted Information !

  • 7 Size Available this Rim.
  • Item Weight; 11.61 KG
  • Rim Diameter; 15 Inches
  • Rim Width; 8 Inches
  • Material; Aluminum
  • Color; Flat Black
  • Vehicle Type; SUV, Truck
  • 4.6 out of 5 stars [82%]


  • Fits perfectly
  • Durable and reliable
  • Easy installation
  • Reasonable price
  • Lightweight


  • Shorter rim diameters
  • The stickers on the hub caps easily come off

No products found.

Why Buy It?

It is made of alloy that could resist shock. The reliability, easy to use, everything could be perfect for your Tundra.

Benefits of Best Rims For Tundra Rims Usage our Vehicles–

There are several benefits of Tundra. Here, we are giving some of their big advantages. Take a look – 

01| Superb Performance

One of the biggest reasons people like Toyota Tundra is because of their fantastic performance. Toyota Tundra works with a single engine. But, that’s not a problem at all. Hence, these engines provide powerful performance. Tundra delivers what a truck needs. 

Toyota Tundra comes with a superb amount of power. The automatic transmission is greatly impressionable. Moreover, you’ll get an awesome experience of driving. 

02| Superior Towing and Payload

The power and capability of the Toyota Tundra Truck are at an exceptional level. Tundra’s capacity level is so high. And, that’s why it is an excellent choice for towing. Tundra also has a max capacity of payload up to 1,730 lbs. For this reason, you’ll feel an extraordinary vibe while driving Tundra. 

3| Splendid Interior Features

If we talk about the latest Tundra 2021, we must say that all of them contain splendid technology and extraordinary comfort. The fabric trimmed seats, remote keyless entry, multiple power outlets, Bluetooth, Amazon Alexa, etc all are equipped in it. 

04| Ride Safety

Safety is always been a big priority for Toyota. Every Tundra comes with a Toyota safety sensor. You will find advanced cruise control in Tundra car. As a result, the truck can adjust its speed according to the place its rides. It contains high beams that can automatically turn on or off, lane-departure alert, etc.

Moreover, it can alert drivers to any potential danger. It can also hit the brakes if necessary. 

Disadvantages of Tundra Rim

There are also some disadvantages of the Toyota Tundra. 

01| Need a Huge Amount of Gas

Toyota Tundra requires a huge amount of gas to run. The estimated fuel efficiency is almost 15 miles per gallon. This is quite disgusting, isn’t it? Toyota should take care of it. 

02| Very Few Added Features

Tundra doesn’t have extra features that could be beneficial to a driver. Most trucks do have a camera set on the truck. Tundra also has this. However, they don’t have a camera that could allow the driver to see what’s going behind while it’s in motion. 

rims for tundra Types

Rims are usually made of different types of components. Nowadays, most rims are shaped from a single piece of metal. Rims are very crucial for a vehicle’s performance and customization. On top of that, they allow the vehicle to do the various style of performance. 

Rims are available on the market in different shapes and sizes. They are a cheap way to contrive the ride. The reason is they are constructed in various shapes and sizes. Further, rims are manufactured as single piece, polished chrome pieces, etc. 

There are different forms of rims are available on the market. Let’s see –

Steel Rims

They are kinda old school types of rims. Nowadays, manufacturers are liking lighter metals in order to magnify fuel efficiency. But, they are still the top priority due to their durability and economic rate. They are also sturdy. Hence, steel rims are generally 80% cheaper than their rivals.

Aluminum Rims

They’re not as sturdy as steel. Besides, they’re more alloyed with some nickel. 

Alloy Rims

What is an alloy? Alloy is actually a blend of numerous metals. Nevertheless, their primary metal is aluminum. They are much lightweight and extremely durable. The price of these rims is also quite cheaper and they’re known as the lightest rims around the world. 

Chrome Rims

Chrome rims are not made of robust chrome. Instead, they’re applied finish over the choice of wheel. They’re highly popular for more than six decades. Still, they’re extremely well-liked for sporty cars. 

The reason is they look so clean, flashy, and sophisticated. They’re heavier than other rims. However, they can give protection from rust very effectively. 

Colors and Spinners

These types of rims were highly popular during the 2000’s era. They are typically used for the glossy visual appearance. Hence, they contained different colors and spin motions. However, the use of such rims gets decreased severely in modern days.

What’s the biggest tire you can fit on a stock tundra?

The stock Tundra tire size is 285/70R17. The biggest tire you can fit is a 305/65R17. I have a stock Tundra and I have 305/65R17 and 285/70R17 on the truck currently. Just make sure you get a 4.5″ lift for the tires to clear the fender. Also, make sure you have the hardware to make the suspension lift.
There are many different ways to apply machine learning to this problem. The one I chose was to create a neural network in the Keras Python library.

Frequently Asked Questions About rims for tundra

What rims fit on a Toyota Tundra?

You should be aware that all rims made for a Toyota Tundra only fit on a Toyota Tundra if they’re made for that specific vehicle.

What is the best brand of rims?

The best brand of rims for your car are dependent on several factors. If you are looking for affordable rims, you will probably want to consider the following brands: BBS Wheel, VOSSEN Wheel, KONIG Wheel.

What size tires are on a 2021 Toyota Tundra?

The size of tires you’ll need on your 2021 Toyota Tundra depends on what package you ordered and what type of driving you do. The package and size of tire you need is included in your vehicle’s Owner’s Manual.


So, this is what we’ve got for you. We tried our best to give you the proper information to you. Moreover, we hope that you could easily choose the suitable rim for your Toyota Tundra. The product we mentioned above are surely top-notch and can meet your expectations. 

So, which rim do you want to buy for your car? You can share opinions in the comment box below. Thanks for reading! 

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