Top 7 Best RV Tires to Improve Safety and Performance

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Voyaging on your recreational vehicle can be exhilarating. Touring with your RV lets you enjoy city life differently and also lets you explore the outskirts of the city. Do you ever wonder how your RV tires will hold up when you go on for an extensive expedition? Is it durable enough to suffice the journey?

Well, RV tires are different and can be tricky to purchase. They have certain criteria that make them stand out from o.

So, to answer your questions and get the most out of your RV, we are here to discuss the best RV tires. RV Full meaning _(recreational vehicle)Tires that are destined to make your journey a memorable one.

The 7 Best RV Tires Wheel & Travel Trailer Tires Review /Buying Guide Expectations.

Before we dig deep into our reviews, let’s take a look at the difference between 

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are car tires better than trailer tires

These two types of tires are manufactured uniquely to serve different purposes. From the structure, ply, treads, and sidewalls everything varies depending on the duties they perform.

Car tire designed to be on the road for a longer period. These tires have thicker treads to maintain the best traction on slippery surfaces and sharp turns. Such tires are built for speedy vehicles and highway driving. 

RV tires have thicker sidewalls to protect them from objects that can cause potential surface harm. The traction on the tires is not like a car RV tire. The treads are thinner and won’t perform the best when going through heavy rain or varying road conditions.

Trailers are not recommended to speed over 80 miles per hour. So, keeping that in mind RV tires are made for moderate speeding. 

Never use the same tire on your cars and RVs even if the rim size of the vehicles is the same. Always remember that they are designed for different activities. We highly recommend you pick the best RV tires if you are on a journey with your camp trailer.

Top 7 RV Tires Review: Why Choose the Best Tires for Your RV.

Moment, we’re covering to list the highest, seven best RV tires out there. First, let’s start with the basics: how do you know which tire is right for you? That’s a tricky question, and the answer is simple: you need to look at the details.

For example, make sure the tire fits your specific type of RV. Also, make sure the tire fits your budget. If you can’t afford to buy new tires, you might not want to upgrade your wheels either.

01| Trailer King- Best RV tire 225/75r15 ST Radial Trailer.

Trailer King Features

  • Improved shoulder design for better heat distribution
  • High-quality tread design makes it last long and provides even wear
  • Center grooves for better tracking and stability in varying conditions
  • Handles large loads due to nylon overlaid construction

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Why Buy This Product

An absolute winner when it comes to RV tires. Trailer ST Radial tire is made with the sole purpose to serve RV owners. One of the best-ranked trailer tires in the automobile industry, so you simply cannot go wrong with it.

This has one of the best traction abilities and can glide on any given surface with a quality grip. It has center grooves installed to it for better tracking performance. The grooves act as a helping hand in providing stability to your trailer.

This tire is hard-wearing and performs to its optimum in any weather condition. Overlaid with nylon, this tire gets flexibility and strength from it. It can endure a higher load without barging. The enhanced shoulder outline provides superior heat dissipation and evenly distributed tread wear. Being an RST radial tire reduces friction from the surface and acquires a smooth ride quality.

If you are looking for a tire that gives you excellent control over your RV and provides stability through and throughout, this is the tire you should opt for. It can handle large loads with grace and still run flawlessly, unlike other tires.

This ST Radial is certainly a topper amongst the best trailer tires available on the market. A tire that is built to last for a longer period. What else do you need? We would recommend this tire any day.

Trailer King- Best RV tires
Trailer King- RV tires

Highlighted Information!

  • Brand: Trailer King
  • Size: ST225/75R15 E
  • Section width: 225 millimeters
  • Speed ratings: L
  • Load index ratings: 117

Trailer King Pros

  • Tailor-made for RVs.
  • Keeps your RV stable due to the center grooves.
  • Comes with a nationwide warranty.
  • Tire boasts strength and durability.
  • Excellent heat dissipation ability.
  • High-quality traction on wet, dry and light snowy surfaces.
  • Long-lasting tread design.
  • Good value.

Trailer King Cons

  • Sometimes bulges on the side.
  • Some noted incidents of blowouts.

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02| Ark Motoring- Best Travel Trailer Tires with 8″ White Rims

Ark Motoring Features

  • Durable steel belt for adequate stability and strength
  • State of the art tread pattern to withstand the high level of heat on the road
  • High tensile belt on the tire protects from punctures
  • Can carry weight up to 1360 pounds

No products found.

 A tire specially made for travel trailers. If you are looking for a product that compliments your RV, this is it. The ARK MOTOR Trailer Tire awaits you. You can only fit this tire on your RV and no other vehicle. It has everything the best features that make it top the list of best RV tires.

This particular model boasts commendable strength of bias tires and is as sturdy as radial tires. This trailer tire has a maximum load capacity of 1360 pounds [616.88 KG], good enough to withstand your RV weight. Supporting in travel, camper tires, trailer or boat trailer on long haul trips can weaken the tires to great extent.

This is where these ARK Motor Tires come in handy. This is the perfect fit for any RV. It is durable even when run for thousands of miles. The tread compound on this item is made to curb the low rolling resistance giving you better control of your vehicle.

Unique and advanced tread features give this tire a good handling and cornering ability. Evenly distributed tread wear on the surface of the tire helps withstand high temperatures on the road. It has a top-of-the-line belt package that shields the surface of the tire from wear and tears and mostly it resists punctures. Vehicle towing capability is now made easier with a strong rubber outlay.

The rubber embraces a double steel belt that boosts up the strength of this tire to the maximum. These durably crafted tires are best for shock absorption, letting you glide on the road like butter, without excessive bumps, shielding from surface damage. 

Ark Motoring- Travel Trailer Tires
Ark Motoring

Highlighted Information!

  • Brand: Arc Motoring
  • Size: ST175/80R13
  • Section width: 6.97 inches
  • Speed ratings: M
  • Load ratings: 91

Ark Motoring Pros

  • Gives longer mileage
  • Comes with a 3-year warranty
  • Good load capacity
  • Burly construction
  • Absorbs shocks and gives you a pleasant ride
  • Only for trailers
  • Excellent tread design
  • Value for money

Ark Motoring Cons

  • Some complaints about early bust out
  • Tread gets separated from sidewalls on rare occasions

No products found.

03| Carlisle Radial- Best Heavy Duty Trailer Tire-ST235/80R16 124L 10-ply

Carlisle Radial Features

  • Optimized in a way to produce low rolling resistance.
  • High tensile belt to withstand punctures.
  • Ozone shielding to tackle the heat.
  • Durable internal construction resists curbing the impact.
  • Enhanced tread pattern reduces the braking distance.

No products found.

Carlisle Radial tires are best suited for fitting on your 5th wheel or travel trailers. This brand is something you can trust. They have been producing top-of-the-line tires for RVs and this particular model is no exception.

For its usability, it is one of the most versatile wheels and can be tagged amongst the best RV tires. It is constructed with durable compounds to last on different surfaces. This tire can withstand heat better than other trailer tires. The treadwear and design on the tire are destined to last longer shielding from impacts and damages. Carlisle tires are built to resist wear and tears.

With time it is supposed to distribute the attrition, making it last for ages. This tire certainly limits the rolling resistance, which will provide you with an effortless ride. The noise-canceling feature on the tire makes your ride noise-free. Built-in weathering and ozone protection in the tire will make it last during seasonal changes.

Summer heat is of no problem and the treads can also run on slippery surfaces avoiding hydroplaning. It has quite the positive features of being on the road. So, what are you waiting for? Get hold of this tire, it is not going to disappoint you.

Carlisle Radial- Best Heavy Duty Trailer Tires
Carlisle Radial

Highlighted Information!

  • Brand: Carlisle Paddles
  • Size: ST235/80R16
  • Section width: 235 millimeters
  • Speed rating: L
  • Load index rating: 124

Carlisle Radial Pros

  • Protection against heat with weathering and ozone shielding
  • Cuts out road noise
  • Reduces surface friction
  • Longer tread life
  • Distributes the wear evenly
  • Great traction on different weather conditions
  • Reliable brand
  • Supports large loads

Carlisle Radial Cons

  • Difficult to RVing sometimes
  • Not for Speedy runs

No products found.

04| Cooper- Discoverer AT3 4S All-Terrain Radial 265/70R17 115T Tire.

Cooper Features

  • Adaptive traction technology to successfully run on various surfaces
  • Top of the line snow traction. Assured by 3PMSF symbol
  • Made of silica-based compound providing a secure grip
  • Circumferential aqua VAC channel removes water from the contact patch
  • Micro gauge zigzag Sipes provide the biting edge with your vehicle needs
  • Snow groove technology preserves snow on the tread surface for snow on snow grip
  • 2 ply polyester casing with single-ply nylon covering over high strength steel belts makes it a sturdy tire for multi-purpose use

No products found.

Cooper has been making quality tires through and throughout since 1914. So, finding an all-terrain tire for your Light Truck, SUV, RV won’t be an issue. We bring you the Cooper Discoverer AT3 4S, which provides exceptional grip on any given surface.

With this model, you will be able to enjoy the off-road grip and the on-road comfort all in one tire. This model not only runs on any given surface like wet condition, rainy condition, dry condition but also does a valiant job when rolling over snowy surfaces. With the three-peak mountain snowflake symbol on the sidewall, you can be assured that this tire will endure whatever you throw at them.

You don’t have to worry about the weather anymore while taking your vehicle off the garage. Cooper has installed the adaptive traction technology in this item to make it glide on any given surface with ample grip. The five-rib tread pattern lets it perform on dry surfaces as well as slippery ones. Wide lateral notches and Aqua VAC channels eliminate excessive water from the tire and also overcomes hydroplaning.

Cooper abounds with Zigzag Sipes, silica-based tread compound, and sawtooth technology which provides snow traction. You are destined to achieve precise cornering and pinpoint handling with this copper tire. 

Cooper Discoverer AT3 4S All-Terrain Radial Tire
Cooper Discoverer

Highlighted Information!

  • Brand: Cooper
  • Size: 265/70R17, More 12 Type size Have.
  • Section width: 265 millimeters
  • Speed rating: T
  • Load index rating: 115

Cooper Pros

  • Fitting for SUV, Vans, Crossovers, and Light Truck tires
  • Provides off-road grip and on-road comfort
  • Self-cleaning mechanism that extracts excessive water 
  • Excellent grip on any kind of surface, from wet, dry to snow
  • Top-notch traction even on off-road terrain
  • High-quality treads
  • Full-round performance
  • Durable tire
  • Great tires for the price

Cooper Cons

Some pressure issues in varying temperatures

No products found.

05| Cosmo- CT588 Plus best Commercial Tire 245/70R19.5 135/133L

Cosmo Plus Features

  • Enhanced handling due to 5 rib symmetric tread pattern
  • Long-lasting tread life, designed to withstand wear and tear 
  • The surface of the tire provides all-weather traction.
  • Can run on dry, wet and mild winter temperature.
  • The tires are capable of producing a shorter braking distance
  • Made with durable materials for improved durability

No products found.

The Cosmo CT588 Plus is a well-made commercial truck tire designed to be mounted on the steering axle. This particular tire is an all-season tire that will last you during most of the seasonal changes apart from heavy snow.

The traction on this item is extremely good for most surfaces, no matter the weather condition. It comes with a five-rip symmetric tread design that grips to the road well. You don’t have to worry about dry, wet, and winter conditions. The CT588 can withstand it all. A good thing about this tire is that it eliminates hydroplaning, keeping you safe during the rainy season.

The four circumferential grooves in the tire enhance the braking ability. It comes up with shortened braking distance and additional biting edges. The safety feature of the tire is also commendable. The steering responsiveness and stability of the tire are well up to the mark and won’t let you down.

This tire maintains well-balanced stability and pressure through and throughout. The construction of the tire and the components used are top-notch and provides a long-lasting driving experience. A rigid casing on the tire ensures a safe driving experience. Good enough to be fitted on your recreational vehicle for a smooth run.

Cosmo CT588 Plus best Commercial Tire 245/70R19.5 135/133L

Highlighted Information!

  • Brand: Cosmo
  • Size: 245/70R19.5
  • Section width: 245 millimeters
  • Speed rating: L
  • Load index rating: 135/133 

Cosmo Plus Pros

  • Solid sidewall for impact protection
  • Provides good traction on varying weather conditions
  • Satisfactory tread design
  • Shorter braking distance
  • Tires make less noise
  • Decent tire for the price

Cosmo Plus Cons

  • Some complaints about longevity on long-distance travel

No products found.

06| Nexen Roadian CT8 HL All-Season Radial Tire -235/80R17 120R 10-ply

Nexen Roadian Features

  • Solid sidewalls for better cornering and impact production
  • Ribeye shoulder blocks protect from hard braking and excessive acceleration
  • Straight grooves on the tread of this tire help to get rid of excess water
  • Transverse grooves maintain optimal rigidity balance of the tire
  • Biting edge aids in better traction in different road conditions

No products found.

This product is a heavy-duty tire right out of the box. Befitting for pickup trucks, RVs, and vans. It is worked out with rigid rubber compounds and boasts a durable tread that withstands wear and tear.

This tire has stable blocks and adequate sipes, providing top-notch cornering ability. These tires can accelerate smoothly and have a good braking ability. The balancing of this tire is second to none. The half-depth transverse grooves stabilize your RV from sideways movements.

It has enough biting edge that improves the traction on any weather condition from wet, dry to light snow condition. The best thing about this tire is that it comes with straight grooves on the tread, this allows excessive water on the tire to drain out.

Apply it on your SUV, RV, or light truck and roll on without worrying about weather conditions because this is an all-season tire, designed to last most seasons. If you are speeding on your RV with CT8 HL fitted on the steering axle, you don’t need to worry anymore. This tire packs all the positive features a traveler needs.

Nexen Roadian CT8 HL All-Season Radial Tire

Highlighted Information!

  • Brand: Nexen
  • Size: LT235/80R17
  • Section width: 235 millimeters
  • Speed rating: R
  • Load index rating: 120

The tire tread is crafted in such a way that it is even feasible for commercial use. Extremely durable on the roads. So, fitting it on your recreational trailer is not going to be a big deal. It can take frequent heavy loads and glide like butter. The price of it comes in a very eye-catching deal, with a low-price tag, you will get a wonderful RV tire

Nexen Roadian Pros

  • Low priced.
  • All-season tire.
  • Suited for commercial use on vans and trucks.
  • Good cornering ability.
  • Solid tread design.
  • Good traction.
  • Off-Road capability.

Nexen Roadian Cons

  • Makes your ride shaky at times
  • Weight support is not up to the mark

No products found.

07| Thunderer RA401- Best All- Season Radial Tire-225/70R19.5 14-ply

Thunderer RA401Features

  • Wider footprint for better weight distribution and stability.
  • Irregular wear improves the traction on various surface.
  • Advanced tread materials cut out the surface resistance and provide a smooth ride.
  • Sufficient tread depth for long mileage and service.
  • Steel belts assist in maintaining the shape of the tire even when heavy loads are applied.

No products found.

This is a premium steer/all-position multi-use medium truck radial tire. If you are not familiar with the brand, we can assure you that Thunderer has been producing satisfactory tires for a long time now.

They are good at manufacturing tires for light trucks, passenger car tires, trailers, and commercially used wheels. The Thunderer RA401 is designed specially to cover a wide array of applications. This item is crafted with a low resistance tread compound for a smooth ride whenever you are on the roads.

The low resistance feature also gives you an improved fuel economy. It has a tread depth of 22/32 inch that helps to achieve longer mileage and hassle freeroll on the surface. The filaments of this tire range from 17.5 inches to 22.5 inches in diameter. The irregular tread wear on this tire makes it a free-rolling tire. The siping on this tire improves the traction on the road to a great extent.

No matter if you are on a dry road, wet surface, or gliding through light snow, this tire will provide good traction. The wide footprint of this tire makes it a well-balanced tire, maximizing the weight dispersion. Thunderer RA401 is an all-season tire, made to last different weather conditions except for extreme snow.

Thunderer RA401- Best All- Season Radial Tire-225/70R19.5 14-ply
Thunderer RA401

Highlighted Information!

  • Brand: Thunderer
  • Size: 225/70R19.5
  • Section width: 225 Millimeters
  • Speed rating: M
  • Load ratings: 128

Its material is acceptably durable, comes with a sturdy casing and a strong belt carcass for a stable ride. The body of the tire is built in a way to resist wear and tears. For long-haul rides, this is a good tire. Simply put it on your RV and roll like thunder.

Thunderer RA401 Pros

  • Affordable tire
  • Supports heavy low trucks
  • Best suited for short trips
  • Provides smooth rides
  • Saves fuel
  • Improved action due to precise siping

Thunderer RA401 Cons

  • Rims are not included
  • Thin sidewalls

No products found.

Buying Guide- Thing That Needs To Consider Before Buying RV Tires

RV tires are different, they are not like your regular car tire. They have different aspects that differentiate them from the lot. Purchasing an RV tire is not as simple as it looks.

Without prior knowledge, you will end up with ill-fitting wheels on your vehicle that won’t last for long. To get the best RV tires you need to consider some important factors. Let’s take a look at what you need to keep in mind.

RV Tire Size

First and foremost, you must cherry-pick the right tires size of tires for your trailer. It is super important for the functionality of the tires when bolted on. Finding the right fit for an RV is not a tough task. Just look for the lettering and numbers on the sidewalls of your tires and you will know the sizing.

Check out the old tires and note the letters and numbers. Now you need to find an accurate replacement, that’s it. Just match the numbers and letters and you are good to go. Easy! If you are still perplexed regarding the correct fit. Call a professional who knows about RVs and tires.

If you are a trailer from scratch, you should know what better fits the string axle. The user manual is also there to clear your confusion, just look through the pages. Remember, if you get the wrong size tires, you won’t be able to work it out. 

Load ratings/Maximum Weight Ratings

Tires have separate weight limits. Each tire has a load rating. If you put on excessive weight surpassing the tire maximum weight limit, it will cause severe inconvenience. Hampering the strength and stability of the tire, it might burst out due to being underweight.

You must know the overall weight of your RV ride when fully loaded. The accurate estimation will do. Then you will need to divide the weight by 4, as four tires will be balancing your RV. We recommend you get tires with a load rating above the required weight limit of your RV. 

Speed Rating

Trailer tires come with a speed rating option. As you can see in our review, specification. Speed ratings are the maximum speed the tires can operate effectively at with proper inflation. It is suggested to not speed beyond the limit mentioned on the tire because it will damage your wheels sooner than later and can cause accidents.

Speed ratings are tested according to lab conditions and not the real-life road condition, weather condition, and driver error possibility. Speed ratings are only considerable for intact tires that have not been worn before.

Car Tire's Speed Rating
Car Tire’s Speed Rating

Strong Sidewalls

Trailers are heavy vehicles and will put a lot of load on your tires. Tires with strong sidewalls play a major role in keeping the stability and durability intact. For your overall protection and a safe ride, you must buy tires that have enough sidewall strength to withstand the load of your RV.

You might want to check the comfort rating of the tires as well. Reinforced sidewalls can sometimes give you a less comfortable driving experience. We prefer strong sidewalls no matter what. Safety can’t be compromised.

Weather Condition 

Weather plays a vital role whenever you are traveling in your vehicle. The tires on your RV are designed to withstand various weather conditions. Some tires can only shield particular weather and degrade during seasonal changes. On the other hand, some tires manufacturers make all-season tires.

You would want to get four of those if you plan to go on an outing throughout the year. All season tires are made to withstand different conditions, from wet surfaces, dry surfaces, and even moderate snowy surfaces. Check out the products in the list above. Pick something that boasts all-season protection.

Tire Prices

This is where we simply cannot tell you to go for a high-end product or an affordable one. This would be unfair. Just pick something that your wallet can happily deal with, but remember don’t buy cheap wheels, they won’t last long. You should buy what you can afford.

We have enlisted a range of items, from affordable ones to pricey ones. We can assure you that all of the wheels are topnotch and serve to the maximum. If you don’t have too much money to spend, we recommend you to purchase something which is value for the money. 

We have another post on this topic where I talked about 6 good tires with the best touring tires for all season. These tires will help you drive faster. May your ongoing life be beautiful. If you have any doubt, need more information about What are grand touring tires? follow this article. I hope you will get rid of all your worries about touring tires.

FAQs- Most Common Questionaries About RV Tires

How Long Do All-Terrain Tires Last?

All tires come up with a life span, and they get further affected due to the usage and conditions they bear. There is no straightforward answer to it because we don’t know who much your tires will endure over time. All-terrain tires mostly last between 20,000 to 40,000 miles. This range varies from person to person.

What Are The Best RV Trailer Tires?

There are numerous good brands in the market producing decent RV top trailer tires. If you seek our knowledge, we would point out our top 3. Trailer King RV Tire, Carlisle Radial Tire, and Ark Motoring trailer Tires are amongst the best RV trailer tires due to their functionality and durability. Check out the full review section above.

What Are The Top-Rated RV Brands?

Nowadays there are so many trailer manufacturers out there and it’s hard to judge them because everyone is evolving with time. The production of quality Recreational vehicles is peaking. For some renowned brands, you can check out LEISURE TRAVEL VANS, WINNEBAGO INDUSTRIES, AIRSTREAM, etc. for a high-quality, iconic travel trailer.  

How long Do RV Tires Last?

This depends on the usage and the condition it has to endure. It might well last a few months if you are unlucky to a decade if taken care of. As a common rule of thumb, if you are using an RV with heavy loads and regular usage, it might last up to 2-3 years. Don’t expect it to last a decade while dealing with extreme conditions. 

How To MeasUre RV Tire Covers?

Getting covers that embrace all sides of the wheels is fairly simple. To do so, simply look at your RV tire’s sidewall. There should be numbers and letters determining the section width, sidewall aspect ratio, and diameter of the wheel.

There you go, once you have the measurements, you can purchase a cover that fits the size. Check Amazon, the best place to buy RV tires and accessories. 

Final Verdict

We started by saying that it is a tricky task to buy RV tires, well it was. If you have gone through this article, now you know about the best RV tires on the market and the task is now relatively easier.

All you need to do is point out what you’ve learned from this article and jot down your preferences. Survey and compare the wheels in person. The products we have mentioned in the review section are all top-shelf items.

You can undoubtedly go for our top picks, the likes of ST Radial Trailer Tire or the Carlisle Radial Trail HD Trailer Tire, or simply any from the list. Time to tighten the lug nuts on your new tire!

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