The Best 8 Way To How Are Car Batteries Repaired?

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People usually think that a dead battery needs to be discarded, and you need to pay huge cash to get yourself a new battery. 

It can be an option to retrieve your battery life but not the only way. You can even recondition or repair how are car batteries repaired? your batteries. 

Yes, you read it correctly; you can repair your dead car batteries! In this way, you can save a lot of money. With some effort and guidelines, you can bring back your car’s battery life to its original state.  

So, to bring the 100% functioning of your car battery, this article will be your ultimate guide by which you can repair your car battery cells for good. 

Therefore, make sure you read it till the end to know it all. let’s going to know how to are car batteries repaired.

Reasons Why You Should Know Bad Car Batteries Repaired :

Here in this section of the article, I’ll talk about some of the most fundamental reasons why you should know about your car’s battery repairing. 

  1. As the demand for battery repairing professionals is increasing, car battery repairing skills will never be wasted. In this way, you can also save extra slime cash. In any case, if you are thinking about safety, the repairing procedure is straightforward, and you can effortlessly repair it on your own. 
  1. Batteries can cost you a good amount of cash. So, if you are thinking of getting yourself a new car battery, you need to extend your pockets to a considerable amount. 
  1. If you have the urge to save the planet, then this is the chance you can take. When you are repairing your car’s battery, you are working on renewable energy resources. 

So, in this way, you are not only learning a new skill, but you are also enough saving money. 

Batteries Check Equipment:

Battery chack and change tool
  • Two Lage buckets
  • Funnel medeam size.
  • Screwdriver
  • Towel & battery cleaner
  • Toothbrush
  • defensive wear ( chemical protection gloves)
  • One bucket distilled water.
  • 1 kg baking soda
  • 1 kg Epsom slat
  • Battery charger
  •  voltmeter 

How to Repair The Dead Batteries Of Your Car? 

So, what are you willing to do for the dead batteries of your car? 

It’s simple, either you will repair them or just going to get yourself a new one. If you are going to grab a new one, you need to speed a thousand bucks on this as they don’t come at an affordable price. 

Therefore, repairing it on your own can be the most convenient option for you. So, in this section of the article, I’ll tell you some of the easy and practical ways you can repair your car batteries. 

Car Dead Batteries
Car Dead Batteries

But before we go on through the steps and procedures, we need to know a few things. 

12V car batteries are lead acid-based with Sulfuric acid and Lead battery terminals, so they act like electrolytes for the battery constructions.

You’ll get two types of battery:

  • Flooded Cells (Wet Cell)
  • Sealed Cells (Dry Cell)

Flooded cells have detached caps for each and every cell, and here, distilled water is filled to the operational level. It’s true; it can last for approximately 4 to 5 years, but it’s pretty delicate, and it requires constant maintenance (after every four months) to keep at the working state. 

On the other hand, sealed cells are more like the newer cells that can easily last for approximately two years without the need for maintenance. But after that, the battery is no longer serviceable.

If you have Epsom salt, a.k.a magnesium sulfate, you can easily recondition or repair your car battery. 

Here Are The Following Steps That You Can Take To Repair Your Car Battery:

Mix the baking soda and distilled water
Mix the baking soda and distilled water


Before you do anything, make sure that you check the car’s battery voltage and make sure that it’s less than 12V. This will show that the battery is entirely dead. 


Mack a pan with a few liters of water and heat it on the stove. heat the water between 333K to 348K. Keep heating until the water is hot.


After all, these are done, take approximately a quarter of Epsom Salt and mix it with the distilled water and keep on stirring it until the entire salt dissolves.


Now, this step is quite essential. This is because for two types of car battery the procedure varies. For the flooded type battery, you need to remove the battery’s cell cap. And for the dry cells, you have to drill your way through the sealed cap. And for both cells, you have to pour out all the old electrolytes. 


After opening all types of battery caps. You need to turn the battery upside down and get the old water out. After that, mix the baking soda and distilled water well. After that, the mixture should be poured into the water through each hole of the battery with a filter. The mixture should be finished with water with all batteries. You need to keep it that way for at least 4 hours. For the next test step. Wait


If you have a flooded cell, you have to replace the cap of the battery. And for any sealed battery, then you must have to plug the hole in this same step. 


Here, you have to be extra careful and ensure that all the electrolytes are properly distributed without any trace of air bubbles in the cell or battery. 


In this final step, you have to charge your battery slowly. You can do this by keeping the cell on trickle charge at night and then give it time to cool. By morning, you will have a well-reformed battery that is as good as new. 

8 step battery power change or recovery Car Batteries Repaired
8 step battery power change or recovery

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You can get the battery charger at any nearby workshop. Although, it might be as much as new battery prices. But it’ll be an ideal option, especially for long-term applications.

Another way to keep the battery good. That is through vehicle charge. There will be an automatic charge and the battery will not be wasted. You can read this article Charge RV Battery from Vehicle easy wey!

Final Thoughts

Battery chargering
Battery charging

There are many ways you can fix your car’s battery. But one thing that you need to know is, if you want your car battery to stay A1, you need to look after it and make sure to go for regular maintenance. 

One of the primary mistakes that many car owners make is, they are indeed very irregular with their car’s maintenance. However, if you see that your car’s battery is entirely down, the procedures that I have mentioned will make your car cell as good as new. 

In the end, learning to fix your own car’s battery will indeed help you to bring dead car batteries to their excellent quality. 

So, I believe with the help of this article; you’ll now know how dead car battery is repaired and how batteries are repaired. You can visit the website to know about Battery testing.

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