How To Measure For RV Tire Covers? vehicle cover 2021

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Do you know RV’s meaning? RV Full meaning-(recreational vehicle).You might ask why is it necessary to measure RV tire covers? Well, if you are into recreational vehicles, you know how important it is to invest in quality tires. Good tires make your RV serve long and your drive a comfortable one.

So once you invest in top-tier wheels, it’s also necessary to take care of them. Having adequate covers for the vehicle tires is the way to go. Such covers protect the tires from wind, UV exposure, moisture, and other environmental factors. Before you put the covers on, it’s important to know How To Measure For RV Tire Covers.

In this article, we will be discussing the methods and steps of successfully measuring and changing the covers.

RV Tire Covers

10 Step To Measure For RV Tire Covers-

Step 1: Gather The Essential Tools

First, you will need a level-up system, or lifting system, that elevates the tires up so that you can work on them. Such units use hydraulics to lift the RV.

10 step to knowmeasure for RV Tire Covers
Measure For RV Tire Covers.

Then you will need a measuring tape or stick. This is used to measure the diameter and circumference of the vehicle tires.

You will also need blocks/ wheel chocks to serve as a platform for your RV to rest on in a secured way. It helps to hold the RV in place and doesn’t let it slip. It also restricts moisture buildup in the tires.

Now if you use the measuring tape and get a reading, you will need paper and pencils to jot down the numbers. Later use the readings as a reference for the covers.

Step 2: Lay Down The Blocks And Use The External System

Put the box next to the RV tires so it doesn’t roll over unnecessarily. Now use the hydraulic system to pull the RV up and place it on the blocks.

Your RV is In good Place

Step 3: Make Sure Your RV is In Place

You better check for any errors. Always be sure your RV is secured firmly so that it doesn’t slip or move sideways. Movements can turn out to be a safety issue. Double-check the stability before you proceed to the next step.

Step 4: LIft The Wheels

Now use the necessary tools to elevate the wheels off the ground. There should be enough space for you to take measures on every side of the tire. From top to bottom, left to right.

Step 5: Measure The Diameters Of The Tires

You will have to measure the diameters of each tire separately. Even if you have similar size tires, it’s best to take readings of all tires, for the perfect fitting.

Take the measuring tape or the stick and place it along the cross-section of the tire. You can either measure the diameter from the horizontal plane or the vertical plane. Once you have your measurements, note the readings on paper.

Step 6: Measure The Diameters Of The Centre Hub

In the cover, there is an axle entrance, and so you will need to measure the center hub to fit into the cover as well. Measure it with the tape and keep the reading registered in a notepad.

Step 7: Measure The Width

You will need to measure the width and height as well. Use a measuring tape to accentuate the curve on the tire and place it accurately to get the length measurement. Now that you know the width of the tires, note it down.

Step 8: Circumference Measurement

Don’t miss out on the calculation of the tire circumference. Use the tape and evaluate the cross-section of the wheel. Note the reading on the paper again.

Step 9: Calculate The Overall Dimension

If you have already put together the diameter, width, and circumference you are good to go. All these quantifications will be your reference to find out the correct fit for your RV tires.

Step 10: Refer To The Size Chart

Rather than jumping straight to the shop. You can first look for size charts and match your measured units. There are charts available that will have RV wheel sizing and wheel cover sizes based on varying tire sizes. With all the measured readings on your notepad, compare the sizes with the available RV tire covers from the chart.

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What Else Is There?

You have had manual measurements throughout the process. You can also look at the tire sidewall to determine the size of your RV tire.

RV Tire Sidewall Classification

RV tires will have a series of numbers and letters on the sidewall. The first letter usually determines the type of tire. ‘P’ for passenger vehicles, such as RV. The next numbers are the calculations of the tire width. The length is in 3 digit numbers and is measured in millimeters.

The next two numbers are the aspect ratio of the tire. It is the comparison between sidewall height and tire width as a percentage.

Next up you will find a letter that denotes the layers within the tires. For RV the letter is ‘R’ in the majority of cases.

Then after the letter, you will see a third number that denotes the diameter of the tire.

car rv tires take care
Car RV Tires Take Care

Picking The Wheel Cover

With all the calculations noted, you now need to look into different charts. There are tables and charts available that state the size of a tire and the size of the wheel cover available. If your tire matches the directory you can purchase the perfect fitting.

Custom Wheel Covers

If you are looking to customize a wheel cover, you have to order it and make something that’s not only eye-catching but also fits in a snug manner. You simply don’t go out there and ask for custom designs. You will need accurate measurements to fit your tires properly. This is where the importance of knowing How To Measure For RV Tire Covers comes to play.

Final Verdict-

Tire covers act like a shield to your RV tires. It protects your vehicle wheels from uninvited weather hazards and climate changes. There are numerous types of covers available in the market All over the place. To make the tires fit accurately, it’s pivotal to know how to measure for RV tire covers. If you’ve read through this write-up, you know how it’s done. What are you waiting for? Jot down the measurements and grab the covers that befit the wheels.

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