Best Guide How to Let Air Out of car Tire Easily & So Fast- A Step by Step!

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Enough Inflating tires don’t work every time, sometimes we need to deflate the tires too. If you need to decrease air pressure you know the answers already but want to how to let air out of car tire faster than as usual, you can try our step-by-step guides below.

It’s a common misconception among car owners and drivers that a fully inflated tire gives them better traction. Also, they think that it has a connection to responsive handling and fuel efficiency. But the reality is completely opposite. 

Why is Excessive Air Pressure Dangerous?

An overinflated tire doesn’t bring more traction, rather it would lose traction even on the pitched roads. It can lead to accidents. This problem increases in the winter. Also, you’ll get a bumpy ride when the tires are overinflated.

Therefore, you need to have a just filled tire, neither overfilled nor deflated. Also, you need to deflate tires on a sandy road so that they have an increased footprint and don’t sink deep. Hence, it’s a necessary skill to learn how to air out a tire.

The tire production companies give a certain per square inch air pressure level used for each vehicle. Therefore, the manual will tell you the optimum PSI for your car. These are not just any numbers; rather, it’s been determined through a series of tests based on these factors: Tread life, fuel efficiency, comfortable handling, and tire wear.

So, you need to follow the manufacturer’s recommended air pressure level for a safe and comfortable ride and not to overinflate or underinflate car tires.

6 Step Guides- How to Let Air Out of car Tire?

Here’s a step-by-step on how you can let the tires air out of tires. Check out the following steps to know how to deflate the tires of any vehicle, whether it’s a car, truck, or SUV.

Step 1: Find the Valves

Tires have valves to in and out the air. The tire valve is generally located between two spokes of a tire. And it has a stem about 1 to 2 inches long, sticking out of the tire. Also, you’ll find a cap on it which prevents dust from getting in the valve.

Find The Valves car tire
Find The Valves car tire

Step 2: Open The Valve

Assuming that you’ve found the valve, let’s move to the next step. Now. rotate the cap counterclockwise to open the valve. After opening the cap, place it in a plastic bag or a safe place so that you don’t need to find it later.

Open The Valve tire
Open The Valve tire

Step 3: Check The Pressure (Use Tire Pressure Gauge)

Check on the tire pressure in the manual and see if it is higher than the manufacturer’s recommendation. If it is high then you need to deflate the tire for the rider’s safety.

Check The Pressure Tire Gauge
Check The Pressure Tire Gauge

Step 4: Apply Pressure On The Metal Pin

Every valve has a metal pin inside the tire. Use a flat head screwdriver or a pair of needle-nose pliers or anything that has a thin rigid head to push the pin. As you apply too much pressure at the center of that metal, air will come out at a fast speed. Remove the flat head screwdriver from the pin to avoid deflation.

Apply Pressure On The Metal Pin
Apply Pressure On The Metal Pin

Step 5: Jack Up The Car To Completely Deflate The Tires

If you plan to deflate the vehicle’s tire completely, it’s required to jack up the car before you do so. Otherwise, it can damage the rotor and tires. Therefore, point out the jack point on the side of the car. And use a lever to jack up the car. Now you can deflate the tires safely as described before.

Jack Up The Car To Completely Deflate The Tires
Jack Up The Car To Completely Deflate The Tires

Step 6: Deflate The Air Pressure From Tires Faster

For Faster Air Out From The Tires, You Need To Remove The Metal Valve Pin. To Do So, Unscrew The Metal Pin By Using A Pair Of 5-Inch Needle Nose Pliers And Turning The Valve Counterclockwise. Since You’ve Opened The Pinhead, Air Will Come Out At A Faster Rate And Tires Will Deflate A Lot Faster.

Air Pressure From Tires Faster
Air Pressure From Tires Faster

As soon as you’re done, put the screw back in its place and close the valve cap. Also, always put the little instruments in a plastic bag so that they don’t get lost in the process.

Tools You’ll Need- To Check Recommended Air Pressure

  • Tire Pressure gauge
  • Screwdriver or a pair of needle-nose pliers
  • Jack stand

How to Check Current Tire Pressure?

You know! To check accurate tire pressure you’ll need tire pressure gauges as it is the most compulsory tools.

Step-1: Check out the manual or the driver’s door jamb to find out the recommended pressure for that tire.

Step-2: Let the tire cool down before you check the pressure. Then remove the valve cap.

Step-3: Attach a pressure gauge onto the valve stem cap. You’ll hear a sudden air pass out as you do this and also when you remove the gauge.

Step-4: Hold the gauge in place for a few seconds to get the reading. It’ll show you pressure details.

Step-5: Remove the gauge and attach the cap back as you’ve got the pressure reading. And rotate the valve stem cap clockwise to close it.

**If you don’t own a pressure gauge, they are available online or at the auto parts stores.

Why You Shouldn’t Over Inflated Tires?

Overinflated tires have many problems. Here we’re including some major points:

  • There’s an increased risk of tire blowout and accidents with overfilled tires. The higher the PSI, the higher the risk.
  • A tire blowout may risk your life and fellow drivers and pedestrians. On top of that, it may dysfunction some valuable safety features of the car (like the ABS or anti-lock braking system).
  • An over inflated tire catches more debris and has a bigger chance to get punctured than a less inflated tire. It surely damages the tire and reduces tire life.
  • An over inflated tire creates imbalance and an uneven situation which can wear the tire faster. Hence, it increases your expenses.

The Verdict

We hope this “how to let air out of car tire” article helps get faster air out from tires. Although we’ve discussed everything therefor you should always maintain the manufacturer’s recommended tire pressure for your particular vehicle.

Let Air Out Of Car Tire – We hope this how to let air out of car tire article helps get faster air out from tires. Although we’ve discussed everything therefore you should always check the website of your tire manufacturer for exact instructions.
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