Easy And Quick Way- How To Remove Tires from A Car?

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A blown out or a flat tire is a nightmare for the person behind the steering wheel. The worst thing is that you can have a flat tire anywhere, anytime. So without fixing the issue, you won’t be able to hit the road again.

If you are worried that car tires are a different kind of hassle, let me assure you that the basic procedure in changing wheels from a car, SUV, RV, or truck is all the same. In this article, we will put together all the nitty-gritty of how to remove tires from a car. So bear with us.

Tools you will need to change a tire on a car

Remove tires from a Car Those items
Remove Tires from Car Items
  • – Jack to raise the car off the ground
  • – Wrench to remove the nuts from the wheel
  • – Blockers like bricks or Wheel chocks so that the car doesn’t move forward while you are working
  • – Nut key to unwind nuts off the wheel
  • – Reflective jacket that signals others that you are working ahead
  • – Gloves for protecting your hand
  • – Flashlight to illuminate the darkness
  • – Tire pressure gauge to make sure your new tire is properly inflated

8 Step guides- How to remove Tire from Car Easily

There are many complicated steps involved in removing a tire from your car, which can result in you not being able to get it out. With the help of the 8 step guide below, you will be able to successfully remove your car tire in no time.

Position your car to safety

If you get caught in the middle of the road, make sure you guide your car to a safe rest, out of harm’s way. Look for potential danger in the surroundings and avoid any suspicious activity. Park, somewhere there is enough light.

Apply hazard lights, parking brake and wheel chock

Wear your reflective jacket if you have one, this will increase the visibility of other drivers nearby so that they don’t hit you accidentally. Put on the wheel chocks on your car wheels so that your car won’t rollover. If you don’t have wheel chocks, make sure you find some solid bricks, these will act as an alternative to hold your car into position.

Unscrew the wheel nuts

Now grab the lug wrench, move to a comfortable position and start working on the tire screws. Fix the wrench onto the lug nut and start moving the wrench in an anticlockwise motion, keep doing it and you will see the nuts loosen up. Make sure you loosen it to the limit where hands can remove the nuts. Oh, keep in mind, you should not completely remove the lug nuts in this step.

remove the hubcap & remove loosen the nuts

Lift the car off the ground

Lift the car off the ground

Place the jack under your car, not just anywhere but right where it will give you enough space to work on the wheels. Your vehicle’s metal frame has to be supporting your jack. If you are confused, look for the vehicle manual book for further guidance. Once you’ve placed the jack under your car’s supporting frame, start raising your car off the ground.

A perfect hei8ght might be 10-15 cm off the ground. You don’t need a wide gap to perform this action, just a minimal space between the ground and the tire to comfortably unwind the wheel entirely, and placing a new one would suffice.

Remove the Car Tire

remove the hubcap & remove the tire - place the spare tire on the hub

Time to remove the lug nuts completely. You’ve already loosened the lug nuts in the previous stage, now remove them completely from the tire frame using your hand. Once you are done, keep the lug nuts somewhere safe because you will need them later to affix the new tire.

Once the nuts are removed, just pull the entire tire out of the frame. If you successfully achieve this step, you have reached halfway to how to remove tires from a car, Easy peasy! But, hold on, the job is half done and not complete. You want to get back to the steering wheel, don’t you?

Put the spare wheel into position and put the lug nuts back

The removing process is done and dusted, now you must put in the new tire or the spare one to keep moving. Push the spare wheel into the hub cap bolts and when fixed in one place, use the lug nuts you previously unscrewed to re-screw the new tire in position. Use the wrench or your hands, turn it clockwise to fasten the lug bolts. Don’t tighten the lug nuts completely. 

Lower the vehicle to the ground and start tightening the screws

The process of change a flat tire and adding up a spare one is done. Time to get your car back into ground position. Use the jack to lower your vehicle to the point that the tire touches the surface.

Lower the vehicle to the ground and start tightening the screws

The work is not done yet. For safety concerns, make sure the wheel nuts are flawlessly placed and start tightening them again with the wrench. Last time you kept it a bit loose. This time fastens the lugs to their maximum so that the tire doesn’t fall off. 

Make sure you’ve lowered the car completely

You’ve already lowered your car, now it’s time to check, double-check. Do it by removing the jack completely. Your car should stand just fine on its own. Sit down and do a safety check.

Use the wrench and tighten the screw again by moving in the clockwise direction and making sure it’s adequately placed. This is for your safety, so checking and rechecking a few times will not harm you. 

Remove tires frome a Car Those items
Remove Tires From A Car Those Items

Check the tire pressure and Go!

If you have an air pressure gauge, you have to check the tire pressure to be sure it’s properly inflated. Too much or too little air will weaken the tire and hamper the driving one way or the other.

If you don’t have a pressure gauge, go to the gas station nearby and use their gauge. If the tire needs a bit of air filling, do it. Check the handbook and be sure of the maximum pressure limit and you are done.

Thanks for taking the time to read the article. We hope you enjoy reading our article. Learn more about how to choose the best RV tires or the best touring tire. By reading these you can understand the good and bad aspects in detail. Our other writings on about Tires how many brake lines are in a car, what is a touring tire, how to find tire size, or if you want to read more, follow the car tires category

Final Verdict

Just like I said, a tire burst can happen at any moment, you just need to be prepared for the worse all the time. Always have a backup spare tire and the necessary tools to fix any issues.

Congratulations! Now, you know the A to Z work process of how to remove tires from a car.

It looks effortless while reading this article, but it takes a lot of effort, dedication, and safety precautions to remove and replace car tires successfully in practical situations. Thoroughly go through the process and you will be doing fine. Good luck!🥰

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