What Is The Best Car Wash Foam Gun & Cannon?

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Car washing is a basic and fundamental part of car maintenance. Regular and proper washing keeps our car brand new and performs outstanding. Various tools are used for car washing. Among them, spray More Best Foam Guns and foam cannons are popular and the most used tools. But What is the best car wash foam gun VS cannon?

Let’s reveal together in this article. If you have any confusion about these tools, hopefully, we can wash them away like car washing! Spraying foam insulation is a great way to protect your belongings from the elements or to seal in smells and odors.

However, many people find that the advantages of spraying foam are outweighed by the problems of improperly handling the material. This article will discuss the best types of spray guns for foam application.

What is the best car wash foam gun VS Foam cannon? [Ultimate Guide]

Best Foam Cannon is a new product on the market that uses compressed air to create a blast of air that is discharged on the user, this allows the user to move around without hurting their back.

The product was designed by Australian inventor Martin Rogers who wanted to create a new product on the market that was strong enough to provide strong air blasts without causing injury or damaging the user.

MATCC adjustable foam cannon is created by blowing compressed air into a flexible cylinder with small holes, the air is pushed out of the holes and released on the body of the user. The air is released at a temperature of around 180 degrees Celsius (350 degrees Fahrenheit). As the air is released, it travels to a large chamber where it is compressed and forced out of a nozzle

after car wash Spray foam gun

car wash Spray foam gun vs cannon 🔫

A foam gun is a car washing tool attached to a water hose. It’s the efficient and easiest choice for car cleaning than the rest of the tools. 

Foam guns have mainly 2 parts – a plastic soap canister and a barrel. These two are connected by a spray nozzle.

Also, a clear suction is included with it. Besides these components, metering tips work to change the pressure and water flow rate.

5 Steps How to a car wash with a foam gun?

#Step 1👉Fill the gun tank with suds which is a thick mixture of car washing soap, water, and air.

#Step 2👉 Then pre-soak the car. That will make the surface lubricated and wash away the loose dirt of your vehicle. 

#Step 3👉 After pre-rinsing, apply a layer of foam overall to the car body, windows, doors, glasses, gaps, etc.

#Step 4👉 Rinse off the foam after a few minutes. You don’t need to rub at this step.

#Step 5👉 Again apply another layer of foam on the car surface if our car gets too dirty. Use soapy wash mitt to clean dirt, grime, and sediments properly. 

Foam Cannon Soap: What’s the Best Brand?

After all, what’s the point of having a foam cannon if it’s just going to be used for kids’ foam parties? They can’t use it as adults can, it won’t make their skin as smooth as the expensive foams sold at the beauty counter, and it wouldn’t make bubbles as big as those sold for adults!

Foam cannon is another car washing kit like foam gun.

So, if you want to use foam cannon soap, you will need to know how to use foam cannon soap. Over time your normal shower gel will get used up and when it does, you know it. But what do you do when you have a solid foam cannon that is only being used for a bit of foam blast?

Well, you can either go to the local supermarket or drug store to pick up some cheap foam sheets to fill your cannon, but what if you already have a shower cannon sitting in your bathroom? Then, you need to know which brand of soap is best for this situation.

Foam gun or cannon🔫

Foam cannon is another car washing kit like foam gun. It uses a pressure washer to create thick foam and clean all dirt from your vehicle.

A foam cannon has 3 parts like a suction tube, solution bottle, and adjustable barrel assembly. They work together to wash your car perfectly. Also helps to minimize scratches on the car surface. 

You can use foam cannons for car washing like the foam gun. For pressure washer attachment, speeds up the washing process and saves your time.

Which one is the best between a Foam gun and Foam cannon?

It depends on your requirements as well as preferences. Various brands have been manufacturing foam guns as well as foam cannons.

Foam guns use water hoses where foam cannons use the gas or electric pressure washer. If you don’t have a pressure washer or car-safe pressure washer then you should go for a foam gun.

It will work great with full car safety. In addition, foam guns are cheaper and more convenient than car foam cannons.

Again you have a pressure washer and also can manage as well as invest in some extra arrangement, then foam cannon can be a good choice for you. 


1. Are 2 inches of spray foam enough?

2 inches of spray foam isn’t good enough for all types of a car wash. Usually, spray foam should have a thickness of 2 to 3 inches for the body and 4 to 5 inches for the car ceiling. 

The more thick and richer foam, you can clean your car more effectively.

Also, a little quantity of thicker foam can cover more walls. They create a suspension to remove dirt as well as provide lubricant to make it shine like a brand new car.

2. What pressure is best for a foam cannon?

The foam cannon pressure should be safe for your car. Foam cannon requires at least 1.2 GPM or 1000 PSI pressure to the car wash. Some of them need up to 2.0 GPM or 2000 PSI. Again some foam cannons don’t need any pressure washer attachment.

Hence, our automotive expert recommends using foam cannon between 1.4 to 1.6 GPM. This range won’t cause any damage to your car.

3. Do foam cannons really work?

To wash dirty and spoiled cars, foam cannons work far better than other car washing tools. Cannon creates great suds that clean dirt from car doors, windows, bodies, wheels as well. You can’t make a perfect mixture of soap and water like this by hand.

Also can store car soap, shampoo for further applications. That will save your time and energy.

Above all, foam cannon speeds up your car washing process significantly.

4. Are car foam guns any good?

Car foam guns are great and must-have tools for your car wash. That is useful to deploy foam into specific locations of cars like windows, doors, bottoms, etc. You can use any car washing soap or shampoos as well. 

Foam gun creates superior lubricant on the car finish. That helps to remove grime, dirt from all over the car. 

In addition, it’s helpful to reduce scratches from the car body and leave a sparkling car finish.

5. Can you use regular car wash soap in a foam gun?

Yes, you can use almost all regular car wash soap in a foam gun. It’s a versatile car washing tool. Though experts advise not to use Rinse-Free soap. 

Besides soap, you should be also concerned about the PH level of water. Water should not be too hard, not too soft. It will not create better suds. 

Fill the lancer with 3 ounces of soap and rest with water to create a thick and rich foam. That will perfectly clean your car.

Final Words🤝

Here we try to cover up the basics about spray foam guns and foam cannons. Now you can easily understand which is the best between spray foam guns and foam cannons for you. Thus both are effective for cleaning and washing your vehicle. You will get a spotless and shiny car.

Make the foam gun or foam cannons your regular car washing companion. It will be cost-effective, reduce your hassle of cleaning and save time as well. don’t forget to let us know what you think about what is the best car wash foam gun.

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