Why Use A Foam Cannon Vs Foam Gun To Wash Cars

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Keeping your car clean and shiny can be a tough job during the monsoon. It becomes even harder if you are an off-road wild drive enthusiast. 

Muddy roads, salt, and slurry soils have good potential to damage the delicate paint job of your car permanently. The worst-case scenario can be hard scratches on the car’s body while driving on salty roads.

That is why it is imperative to know in detail, why use a foam cannon & foam guns to wash cars. You can read our post about7 Car wash Foam Gun products. Then you will understand for yourself whether your purchase will be good or not.

Regular cleaning process of your vehicle is mandatory to keep your car’s exterior outlook fresh and aggressive. You can use the car foam cannon tool to remove dirt the heavy dirt and muds from your car. The thick soapy foam coats the dirt and makes it easily removable with a water blast.

On the other hand, a foam gun is an attachment tool for your garden water hose with lower pressure. It shoots the soapy solution more dilute and with lesser pressure to loosen up the dirt off from your vehicle’s entire surface keeping it lubricated.

Let’s try to know the advantages or Disdvantages of Why use a foam cannon 🔫🔫

Let’s check why you should use foam and cannon guns to wash cars. In conclusion, the foam cannon is very convenient for the user, but it comes with some disadvantages. The foam cannon is lightweight, compact, and easy to use. You can carry it anywhere you go. You can use it to clean your vehicle, boat, or motorcycle. That is why you should own one.

What is a foam cannon?🔫

Foam cannons are an attachment tool that can shoot a thick layer of snow foam while washing a vehicle. Foam cannons are charged by gas or electric-powered pressure washers.

Why Use a Foam Cannon to Wash Car🔫

Foam cannon can shoot the car wash soap, water, and air solution at high pressure using the gas and electric pressure washer gun. It produces a thick layer of spraying foam all around your car. The compatible car washing soap and shampoo helps to loosen the dirt and mud from the surface in a very short amount of time.

What do you put in a foam cannon or foam gun?🔫

soap or water mixed of foam gun
Foam cannon

Certified car soaps, air, and water are mixed in the canister of a foam cannon or foam gun. Liquid wax can be put in foam cannon or foam gun for after wash detailing. 

After that, you can use the wash pads and regular two-wash bucket methods to eliminate the heavy dirt. two bucket wash is required. if the water in one bucket is bad, the other bucket good water used. And finally, at a high water flow rate and optimized canon tip, you can easily rinse off the entire foams along with dirt away from your car’s surface.

Why Use a Foam Gun to Wash Car? 🚻

 Foam Gun to Wash Car
Foam Gun to Wash Car

The washing machine of the foam gun is similar to the foam cannon. But you won’t need the gas or electric-powered pressure washer.

A foam gun can be foam cannon attached directly to your garden hose with regular ¼” male connectivity. Along with the main barrel and soap canister, the foam spray bottle consists of a spray nozzle trigger handle, a clear suction tube, and various metering tips for changing the flow rate of output water.

Foam guns shoot comparatively diluted sudsy solution than more foam cannon. The suds in the foam gun is prepared by war wash mitts soap, water, and air mixture. It allows you to remove regular mud spots and dirt easily from your body.

Related Frequently Asked Questions🤔

What pressure is best for a foam cannon?

What pressure is best for a foam cannon?
Pressure Foam Gun

Minimum and maximum pressure from the electric or gas-powered washer can be 870PSI to 3000PSI.

Moreover, minimum and maximum solution flow rates are 1.1GPM (Low Pressure) to 8.9GPM(high pressure).

If your car is covered with solidified mud for a long time then you should gradually increase the pressure from the washer. It will help you remove the solid slurry muds easily from the car. If you want to clean soft mud and dirt daily, then low pressure should be chosen.

What kind of soap do you use in foam cannon?

Soaps or shampoo used for washing must have a high and thick suds formation rate. It should be wax and ceramic-friendly. Moreover, soaps should maintain neutral pH at a concentrated solution.

It is recommended to use dedicated car wash soap available in the market rather than regular soaps used in households. vehicle soaps can produce a very thick layer of foaming.

Can you use shampoo in a foam cannon?

Shampoo cannot produce the thick snow foam required for heavy car washing. Car wash shampoo can be used at a later time to remove the remaining dirt and to keep the exterior well lubricated.

It is recommended to use car soap firstly to remove the heavy dirt and then use car shampoo for soft cleaning the vehicle.

Can I use wash and wax in a foam cannon?🚖

You can use the liquid wax in the foam cannon. Liquid wax is pH balanced used for the final detailing and keeping the paint job shiny after a heavy car wash. You must car cleaner the vehicle body with a wash mitt before using any liquid wax.

What are the benefits of using foam cannon? 😦

Foam cannons are the easiest tool available for washing cars with a heavy volume of dirt. You can regulate the pressure according to your demand of the wash type. The thick snow foam in the foam cannon removes the dirt so well that no residual or swirl marking is left on the car exterior.

Are foam cannons necessary?🌩️

Foam cannons are necessary as they can regulate high pressure from electric or gas-powered washers. Foam cannon can effectively eliminate the tough solid and liquid muds and specks of dirt away from the car body in no time. Moreover, foam cannons do not damage or deteriorate the paint job, ceramic coating of the car and keep the surface well lubricated.

Can you use a regular car wash in a foam cannon?🛋️

You can use a regular car wash from foam cannon for the daily car washing process. soap foam should be sprayed on the car and left for a few minutes. It can produce the decent foam thickness required for a car wash.

Can you put any soap in the foam cannon?🛋️

Answer: You can use any available liquid soaps for a regular car until it does the job without causing damage to the exterior. 

It is recommended to use certified car soap that can produce heavy suds and thick snow foam to remove the tough dirt spots.

Why is used to Create pressure washer lances? 🌩️🛋️🪣

Pressure Washer Nozzle
Pressure Washer Nozzle

That’s what we mean when we say “Pressure is the best tool for creating foam lances. If you make a foam lance and it doesn’t hold pressure, it’s like you’re not making it well. It’s like you’re not making it well enough.” This has been a mantra of ours for years, and we mean it—it’s that important.

If you don’t make your lances well then you’re not going to get a good foam shower, and that means you’re not going to get a good foam showering experience. If you don’t get a good foam showering experience, you’re not going to feel good about yourself.

Conclusion 🔫

Foam guns and Foam cannons, both can be used for a quick and effective car wash. Tish type of foam cannon is preferred for washing alone, there are different foam cannons in the market. it’s up to you to decide which type of foam cannon to use.

If you are looking for a budget-friendly method then the foam gun can be a good option. But you must wash your vehicle after daily rides because foam guns cannot remove the solidified muddy spots quite well. 

For heavy-duty and premium car washing, you can use the foam cannon canister. It will eliminate all the tough muddy and slurry spots from your car’s surface. 

People can be highly passionate and enthusiastic about your vehicle. For this, you should know to try the best way, why use a foam cannon & Foam guns to Wash Car.

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