The Best Way To How To Disable Car Alarm Permanently?

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How to disable car alarm permanently? is a necessary part of any car nowadays to avoid the risk of theft and burglary. Viper car alarms are very common in cars around the United States and Canada. This aftermarket system is the most convenient way to keep a car safe from being stolen.

The Viper car alarm is a smart solution to solve car-related issues with your phone. You can control your car’s lock, remote start system, security alarm, and trunk release with the touch on your smartphone. Not only that, you can pre-cool, and pre-warm your car cabin whenever you need it, and also find the car in a parking lot just by using your phone. It also comes with a wireless controller that you can keep in your keychain.

For various reasons, we want to disable the alarm from the car. I don't think that's the right thing to do. This is not for those who have problems with the alarm in the vehicle. In my car, I turned off the alarm permanently a few days ago, but the alarm started again for some reason. Now I can find out if anyone goes near my car. The Best Alarm I've ever seen. You can also try. You can follow me to know the reasons why I turned on the alarm in the car again.

A buzzing alarm is not only annoying to others, it is also very embarrassing for you, especially when you’re in a public place. Deactivating a car alarm can be complex when there’s no logical reason behind this. But in this article, we’re showing you how you can easily disable your Viper car alarm that randomly goes off following a few steps.

Reasons Behind A Car Alarm🔔 Going Off

There might be several issues that are causing your car alarm to go off frequently if it is not a burglary. Here are some very common reasons behind this:

  1. Sensitive or misplaced key fob;
  2. Broken shock sensor;
  3. Unclean hood latch sensor;
  4. Incorrectly installed alarm;
  5. A low-charged or dead car battery;
  6. Rusty battery points;
  7. Bad connection to the control unit.
how to disable car alarm permanently

Disable Viper Car Alarm Permanently

If you need to override the alarm for a certain period of time, you need to enter ‘valet mode.’ It disables all alarm features of your car except for the keyless remote start feature to start the car. If your viper car alarm goes off randomly, you can follow these two ways to disable it.

Method 1: When The Remote Is Broken Or Lost

If you have a broken remote or lost it, do not worry! This system has a backup to your problem. Hence, you should follow this method to disarm your alarm.

  • Enter your car using the regular car key even if the alarm goes off.
  • Once you got into your car identify the valet switch.
  • Then put the ignition key into the keyhole and turn it to the on or run position to start the car. Then turn it back off immediately.
  • Quick tap the valet switch once. Don’t hold it. The system is in valet mode now.
  • To exit the mode, just repeat the process.

The alarm should stop within a second or two. Then you can start the car as well.

If this process does not work it is possible that your viper car alarm is programmed to need more than one press in the valet switch. Follow this-

  • Turn the ignition key off, and then turn it on again.
  • Give the valet switch two quick taps this time

This may or may not work. If this time it didn’t work out, try the same method with three, four, and up to five taps in the valet switch as the override feature can be programmed up to that limit to work. You have to turn the ignition key on and off but not close the car door every time to make it work.

Method 2: Only Available On Newer System

  • Open the driver’s door.🚪
  • Press the ‘Lock’ button, immediately the ‘Unlock’ button, then again the ‘Lock’ button. 🔒Lock➡🔓Unlock➡🔒Lock.
  • The LED will indicate the car is in valet mode by 🚥lighting up solid.
  • To exit the mode, just repeat the process.

If neither of the systems is available, contact any local authorized dealer for solving the problem.

If you don’t know how the valet switch looks, or where it is placed, look into the attached file. It is a black, small switch. And generally, you may get them on the windshield, or the bottom or side dash of the driver’s seat. You may also ask the installer to be sure if it really seems impossible to find.

Here are some other common reasons and solutions to them that you may use to deactivate a car alarm.

Reason And Solution 1: Turn Off The Panic Button

The key fob is a great convenience to lock and unlock car doors. Except for the mentioned features it also includes a panic button that is an emergency alert system that sets off only when you press it. This orange or red button is found in most key fobs.

The function of the button is to make a similar sound to the car alarm; honking, and flashing lights. When kept in the pocket or bag, any sudden movement may cause the alarm to go off. The sound keeps going on for a certain period or until you press the ‘panic button’. It may also shut off by starting and driving the car.

Use a key wallet to keep your keys organized and prevents unusual occurrences

Reason and Solution 2: Replace The Broken Key Fob

If the reason behind the frequent car alarm is a broken key fob, then replace it immediately. In addition to turning off the car alarm, it is also possible to know how the battery charge is not wested or the charge is increased. You can verify the problem by changing the battery or resetting the key fob.


We hope that you have found the solution to disable your viper car alarm. Following these steps accordingly can solve the issue. Nonetheless, take help from the professional if it’s still buzzing off.

In case of urgency, call a tow truck, or vehicle rescuer and take your car to the professional. There’s no need to take the burden on a regular basis regarding a buzzing car issue. Viper StartSmart provides services online. Visit their website if you need further info. Don’t forget to share your experience with us!

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