Torq TORQX Random Orbital Polisher 10FX [Best Budget Rotary Style Orbital Polisher]

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Every Car Enthusiast Wants Their Car To Look And Fresh And Shiny. For This, You Need To Polish Or Apply Wax To Your Car At Regular Intervals Of Time. Now, This Can Be Done Manually And Conventionally Using Hands. But, Modern Technology Has Brought Electric Polisher For Making The Job Easy And Quick.

Here Comes The Play Of TORQX Random Orbital Polisher. This Device Can Polish, Wax, Seal Your Car In Minutes. All You Need Is To Follow The Protocols Of Polishing. Random Orbital Polishers Work Well Than Those Of Standard Orbit Polishers. I also have another blog out there talking about some More Best polishers. Hope you like it. It is good to know who is doing the same thing with almost all polishers and which one of the best works for us.

The Torq TorqX Random Orbital Polisher Has A Very Straightforward Mode Of Action. Everyone Can Use It After Some Basic Practice. It Has Some Standard Key Features And Safety Features Which Makes It Quite Convenient To Handle.

Best Torq TORQX Random Orbital Polisher 10FX 11 Kit Review

This Polisher Is A Complete Package For What You Need To Make Your Car Look New. And It Also Makes The Paint Job Like A Mirror Shine.

Torq TORQX Random Orbital Polisher
Torq TORQX Random Orbital Polisher

Simple Yet Professional Design

The TorqX 10FX Random Orbital Polisher is designed for delivering a complete package of buffing and polishing. Its design supports everything a car enthusiast needs. These are precision, accuracy, ergonomic, smoothness, and power. 

polishing and buffering pad adjustment.

This tool has a friendly body structure made of lightweight metals, making it overall a light tool. Besides, the tool becomes more durable because of it. The controls are quite streamlined. This collaborating with the ergonomic structure helps you to get complete control over the tool.

Its body-to-weight ratio is highly balanced. As a result, it becomes easy to apply consistent pressure on the target surface and helps to minimize overheating. Above all, the 4m long power cord gives high maneuverability.

P² Power Flex Technology ☢

This Polisher has been integrated with Precision Power technology. It induces power slowly to the motor for gradually building up the rotational speed. The controller is designed to provide the exact rpm you need to get your job done. You can change it quite easily with this technology.

Moreover, a sudden change in the rpm of the pad leads to overheating the polishing surface and damages the paintwork. Therefore, the multiple speed settings will help you get the exact rational speed you require for polishing your car. This feature also improves the motor’s life and reduces the chance of early coil damage.

This variable speed meter can alter the OPM from 1500 to 4200. The OPM change rate is 200 with a change in the speed dial. 

Its lower OPM means less rotational speed and less friction against the surface. As a result, the amount of heat building on the surface is minimal. This mode is advantageous for removing the imperfections from the paint job and making the suffering smoother for applying phase. Besides, at an early point of applying wax or polish, it is mandatory to keep the OPM lower. 

On the other hand, the highest OPM can reach up to 4200. Since the rotational speed can be shifted slowly, there is no chance of getting surface damage. This high OPM rate is used for quality finishing. The swirl marks, scratches, and other negligible yet visual damages can be removed with high OPM. Moreover, it also speeds up the wax or polish application. 

Torq 10FX polisher Video review

Highly Endured Motor

Conventional motors tend to wear off in very little time of usage due to overheating. But, its motor is engineered to withstand high temperatures. As a result, the brushes of the motor do not wear off any time soon. The motor is powerful and quiet. You won’t be disturbing your neighbors.

This polisher kit comes with spare carbon fiber brushes. As a result, you won’t be needing to purchase extra pair of brushes. The tool has a quick disassembly feature. This will law you to open up the motor housing and replace the brush as per your requirement.

Random Orbital Motion

Normal rotary polishers are less effective. They rotate on a fixed orbit. Therefore, there is a good chance of the surface getting highly heated. This overheating causes damage to the paintwork.

The random orbital motion of the Torq 10FX polisher has a greater effective range. This helps to distribute the friction of the pad equally on the surface. It not only decreases the heat build-up but also helps to spread the wax or polish perfectly.

Again, the random orbital motor gets the job done in a very little amount of time. Conventional rotary motors have a single axis, so it takes much time to complete the polishing or waxing of the car.

Friendly User Interface (UI)

This Polisher has a user-friendly interface. The position of the power switch, controller switch, trigger lies to deliver comfort. Besides, there is a digital display to show you the OPM and other operational readings.

It gives you the optimum speed, control, and accuracy to complete the flagship level on any finishing job. The smart Digital speed control module powers up this unit. Again, its digital screen will notify you that the machine is turned on or off. The preinstalled digital speed adjustment buttons provide accuracy to the rotations.

D-Handle Top Grip

The torq 10FX random orbit polisher comes with a preinstalled D-shaped handle grip. You won’t need to install it manually on the tool. This grip will give you complete control over the Polisher. You can put the required amount of pressure on the surface. It is used to spread the applied wax or polish compound on the surface.

Sometimes, you need to put more pressure on applying the wax permanently on a point. Using the D-handle grip, you can do it conveniently.

Orbital Polisher Side Grip

This Polisher comes with a spare side grip. You can install it on either side of the tool. Now, the side grip can help you to move the tool around the surface very smoothly. This cannot be done using the bail grip.

 It results in equal distribution of the compound or wax on the car surface. Moreover, a small amount of residual heat will need to be manually removed using a microfiber towel.

Orbital Polisher Air Filter

You will see two vents located on both sides of the tool where the motor is located. This air filter removes the hot air developed by the motor and regulates cold air from outside. Because of this, the motor remains as cooler as much possible. And so, the lifespan of the motor is not compromised.

Moreover, the air-vent can be easily accessed by opening it. You can use it to clean the inner very conveniently. The build-up dirt, specks of dust can be removed quite easily. This helps to improve the tool’s longevity.

Advanced Safety Feature

The TorqX 10FX Polisher has been integrated with modern and digital safety features. Its digital display keeps you up to date about the speed and rotational type every time. You can control it easily without the need to switch off the power of the tool.

The Polisher stops the rotation of the pad when it detects edges and dramatic contours. This is done using the mechanical safety feature.

TorqX 10FX Polisher Specifications

Torq Random Orbital Polisher

  • Digital Speed Control: Available.
  • Rotational axis Type: Random Orbital Motion.
  • Range of OPM: 1500-4200.
  • Electricity Requirement: 240 VAC, 50-60 Hz.
  • Length of cable: 4m.
  • Orbital Throw Range: 8mm.
  • Axle dimension: 5/16″ -24.
  • Diameter of backing plate: 125mm.
  • Power requirement: 700W.
  • Weight of the too: 2.5Kg.

Customer Review👉 [ 4.7 out of 5 ] [ 5star -83% ]

Things you must know before buying an Orbital Polisher.

Orbital polishers are advantageous if you know how to handle them well. Let’s get to know some important factors that are a must for Orbital Polisher.

Look at the Body Design

The orbital polishers are quite bulky tools to handle. You must pick the tool having an ergonomic structure. The weight to body ratio should be perfectly aligned. Otherwise, you may experience fatigue after a long time of usage.

Inspect the construction quality and weight

The housing of a polisher should be made of lightweight materials. This reduces the overall weight of the tool. The weight of a tool must reside between 2.5 to 3kgs. Higher weighted tools may develop fatigue. Besides, it becomes hard to put equal pressure using a heavy-weight polisher.

Check For motor type.

Brushless motors are highly recommended for orbital polishers. Brushed motors get overheat very quickly and tend to get damaged soon. You do not need to face the hassling of brush replacement if you choose a brushless polisher. It also increases the endurance and durability of the tool and enhances performance.

The power and electricity requirement

Orbital polishers use more power than a normal rotary polisher. It is better if you choose a standard 700W buffer. Besides, some polishers are engineered to be energy efficient. These tools will keep your electricity bill in check.

Length of the power cable

It is better to use long power cords. Standard 4-5m of cables are good for easy and quick polishing. This length of cord provides good maneuverability.

Standard spindle and Pad size

You must be selecting polishers with universal and standard spindle size, which is 5/8 “-11. It will give you the options to install different types of pads on it depending upon the purpose.

Check out the grip types.

A standard orbital polisher must possess the bail grip and the vertical side grip. These grips have important advantages over the polishing work. It would be better if you got the adjustable grips.

Difference Between Dual Action and Rotary Polishers

Dual Action PolisherRotary Polisher
It rotates on both the locked and random orbit in a circular direction.It rotates in a single circular direction of orbit.
This builds less friction on a point.This Polisher builds more friction on a point.
It is more effective for polishing or waxingIt is less effective for p[olsihing purpose
The chances of getting the paintwork being damaged are less.Chances of getting the paintwork being damaged are more
It cuts the paintwork slowly It cuts the paintwork very swiftly
Creates a glossy mirror finishCannot create a shiny finish
Beginners or professionals can use itOnly recommended for professional users
Difference Between Dual Action and Rotary Polishers


Let’s get to know some commonly asked questions about a random orbit polisher.

Can I Use This As A Sander?

You can not use it as a sander. Sanders have a single rotational axis, but random orbital polishers have two different types of spin. Therefore, it won’t comply with a professional sander’s job.

Are The Pads Disposable Or Reusable?

The pads are reusable. Most of the foam or microfiber pads can be reused several times. These are designed to withstand multiple usages very easily.

Can You Use This Polisher On A Fiberglass Boat?

You can use this on a fiberglass boat for polishing purposes. The polishing tool is compatible with receiving different types of pads. So, you can install the recommended pad on it for fiberglass boats.


Overall saying the torq torqx random orbital polisher kit is a balanced tool for finishing work. Moreover, it is budget-friendly as well. There is also a polisher kit available from Chemical Guys. The kit holds everything required for benchmark-level polishing. It will save some of your bucks and the hassle of buying things individually.

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