Best Dewalt Cordless Polisher Review[Guidelines & Reality]

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You know that the only vehicle we need at all moment is a car. As a result of using the car for a long time, small-big spots appear and the color becomes dull. They use a polisher to remove these stains. The car looks like a new car because it is polished by the police. Let’s start with what is the best polisher at the moment?

Dewalt is a globally renowned heavy-duty construction tools manufacturing industry. It has a worldwide reputation for its high-quality power tools with improved lifespan and durability. Pulsar machines are available for many other types of car polisher. Inside it is an Orbital car polisher. From here you can get more ideas

The DCM849B model presents the Dewalt Cordless Polisher. This polisher is a powerful machine used widely for restoring automotive painting, scratches, and imperfections and adding premium finishing afterward.

It comes with a modern design and the newest technologies for finely detailed output. You need to check this Dewalt Cordless Polisher Review to know all of those. 

This Cordless Rotary Polisher can be a good news pick by professionals with quick jobs to be done. Moreover, it can be used by individual personnel also for doing cleaning and polishing by himself to avoid going to Pro shops and garages and save some bucks.

Best Features of Dewalt DCM849B Cordless Polisher👍

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In conclusion, I recommend this polisher for those who want to invest in their own polisher instead of renting it at a car detailing shop. This section will state elaborately the features of Dewalt DCM849B.

Dewalt cordless polisher review
Dewalt Cordless Polisher

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Features Of Dewalt DCM849B

  • product professional brand 👉 Dewalt
  • Model Number👉 ‎DCM849B
  • product weight 👉 6.3 kg
  • Size shape 👉 17.01 * 7.2* 5.91 inch.
  • item style👉 20 volts cordless, W/O Battery.
  • working 👉 rotary polisher.
  • power👉 20 volt’s
  • Inside the box 👉 [Polisher] [7″ backing plate] [Side Handle][Bail Handle].
  • have any Battery 👉 No

Dewalt polisher Good side

  • Spirit setting to increase or decrease speed.
  • Spirit setting to increase or decrease low speed, or high speed.
  • due to the high quality of the material, it is usable for a long time.
  • the product can be polished at any angle.
  • there is a lot of comforts to hold by hand.
  • The product is much better at getting thinner in weight.

Dewalt polisher Bad side

  • Battery charging capacity needs a little more!
  • You need to buy a separate battery for this item.

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Dewalt Used🚖

In summary, this cordless polisher is a great value and with all the features and accessories and battery and power, it will do the work of many machines in its price range and with its power and ability to remove old finishes, wax and polish, and buff and with the variable trigger the polisher can use for more sensitive applications.

polisher Design🚗

The Dewalt DCM849B features an ergonomic body design. It will allow you to hold and move quite comfortably around the target surface and workspace. This polisher includes a ball-bearing constructed motor with heat-treated precision steel gears. It ensures the longevity of the tools with consistent and smooth operations.

Dewalt DCM849B features
Dewalt DCM849B features

The outer housing of this tool is made up of high-density plastic. It reduces the weight of the overall tools of the tool and delivers a premium outlook.

It also has a back-end battery input location. This will balance the tool and keep the center of gravity stable after installing the battery pack.

This tool includes an over-molded rubber pad attached to the head opposite of the spindle. You can comfortably hold and safely hold and maneuver the polishing pad plate on the target surface. Moreover, the rubberized pad will eliminate the chance of accidental slippage.

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Variable Speed Dial⚡

Dewalt DCM849B has an enhanced 12 amp powerful motor that can engage from 800rpm to 2200rpm variable load speed. It has an rpm change rate of 200 with each dial rotation.

Dewalt DCM849B Speed Dial
Variable Speed Dial

Its lower RPM range from 800-1500 means low load high speeds and low friction against a surface. This leads to low heat build-up around the touching point. 

You can use the lower speeds to polish out imperfections in the paints and make the area smoother. Moreover, RPM around 800-1000 can also be used for eliminating sub-surface damage in the paint.

This tool has a maximum rpm of 2200. Around 1500-2200 rpm is generally known as high-speed rotation. It may build up heat very quickly on the contacting point due to the high friction rate.

Therefore, the high-speed RPM can be used to burnish the paint surface. Here Burnishing refers to the high gloss and glazy output of the paint surface.

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Variable Speed Trigger⚡

The Dewalt DCM849B features a variable speed trigger for better control on different applications.

Dewalt cordless polisher side handle or bail handle

You can use a variable speed trigger slowly to increase or decrease the load speed of rotation just like the accelerator in a car. When you reach the rpm range using the dial, you can slowly press the trigger for rpm change from low to high speed gradually.

This feature is important for car polisher buffing and dual-action polishing. Uncontrollable rpm of the polisher may damage the paint surface, burn up the paint, overheat, and leave buff marks all over the surface.

It gives you total control to pick the desired rpm required for finishing, compound spreading, or polishing. This can be simply done by using the speed dial and the variable speed trigger combined.

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Brushless motor🚙

Dewalt Cordless Polisher comes with a high amp new technology brushless motor. Its brushless motor enhances the polishing work with improved control over rpm and reducing the overheating problem.

The Brushed motor tends to overheat in a short time and shrink the brushes which deny the contact of the brush with the commutator. That is why it has lower efficiency and needs the replacement of the carbon fiber brushes over time to time.

The DCM849B motor is engineered to work without any brushes. It increases the overall efficiency of the tools by reducing the overheat over a short time of usage. Moreover, brushless tools deliver more power and prolonged longevity.

Rotary buffers polisher👮‍♂️

best Dewalt cordless polisher

The rotary polisher of Dewalt DCM849B makes it available for heavy and big polishing and finishing jobs. Smooth to smooth the glass polishing the car, remove the stains of the glass of the place.

This polisher’s rotary motor spins the pad in a single axis than a random orbit polisher such as Dewalt polisher DWP849X.

This may take your time to completely finish the work on your car polisher. But, the three-step paint correction rule followed by the rotary polisher will give you an improved and premium finishing output. It will prevent you from bringing your car to the garage from time to time for polishing.

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Body Construction and Weight

The body of the Dewalt DCM849B is well constructed with high-density plastic material. This will keep the outer body insulated and heat-free by the heat produced in the motor. Moreover, the cushion tool resting on the top will keep the tool’s body away from the resting surface to avoid scratches and damages.

This tool also possesses a Soft rubber gear case cover for you to hold and maneuver with ease. You will have no discomfort or fatigue after polishing it for a long time because of only 4.9lbs of tool weight. Works will to cleaning small light scratches. This lightweight feature will allow you to do final finishing using a single arm only with minimal effort.

Side Grip

Dewalt buffer DCM849B includes an attachable side grip in the packaging. The tool can be attached to it on both sides at the frontal end.

This Auxiliary grip will increase your maneuverability over the tool on a wide surface. It will reduce overheating on the surface caused by constant polishing in the same area.

You can also polish or finish in hard-to-reach places without any difficulties. It will allow you to spread compounds equally and effectively on every area without causing paint damage. Moreover, it is made of strong plastic material making it highly durable and adds no extra weight to the tool.

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Bail grip

The packaging of Dewalt DCM849B comes with an L-key and an adjustable bail grip that can be attached to the tool.

This polisher, after being fitted with the bail grip, will allow you to control and balance it comfortably in every direction. It will allow you to put the exact amount of pressure required for different applications. You can also adjust the angle of the bail grip according to your comfort and desired position by simply losing it using the provided key.


The Dewalt orbital polishers come with a universal size spindle of 5/8″-11. You can install the approved backing plate of different sizes for different pads to the spindle very easily. The spindle is removable and replaceable as well. It gives you the option to buy a new one and install it easily in case the old spindle is damaged by accidents.

This tool also features a d spindle lock system on top. It will provide you the authority to lock the spindle in a perfect tightened position for installing the backing plates conveniently.

Air Filter

This polisher from Dewalt has two built-in air filters or air vents on each side of the body near the trigger. It allows continuous airflow in and out of the tool to keep the motor cool as much as possible and avoid overheating.

The metallic grills of the air filters are removable. This will allow you to open and clean the interior with a brush effortlessly. Therefore, you won’t need to take it to a pro shop for maintenance and cleaning.  

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Backing Plate

The high diameter of the 7” backing plate can be attached with all types of standard polishing pads such as microfiber pads, wool pads, or simple foam pads. You can also install an extra hook and loop velcro for more convenience.


The outer body of this tool is made of HDP (high-density plastic), cushioned tool rest, and rubberized gear case cover. Added with the premium assembling, it becomes a very durable tool with an endurance rating. 


The Dewalt DCM849B is engineered to have maximum safety features. It has a trigger lock button to avoid accidental high rpm rotation of the motor. You can keep it in a locked position when not in use. The spindle lock button helps you keep the spindle stable while removing or installing the backing plate.

Power Motor💪

Dewalt cordless polish pack.
Dewalt cordless Battery

Dewalt DCM849B is a 20V battery-operated polisher making the tool highly portable and highly maneuverable. You can move it all around without any hassle of extension cords all over your body. This product uses a 13 amp power motor which can be used at normal pressure of 3500rpm.

This device can be used even in difficult situations with great efficiency. Highly Recommended It is possible to work with high fidelity. Other than the polish, the other parts didn’t feel as hot. In a word, it is a great tool.

Moreover, extension cords sometimes cause surface damage on a car body which can also be avoided using a cordless polisher. Dewalt DCM849B most higher speeds polisher tools. It is recommended to use a 5ah or 6ah battery pack with this tool for maximum efficiency.

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Questions or answer🤔

What is the best cordless polisher?

Dewalt cordless polisher is a handheld power tool used by professionals to buff and polish their vehicles. In the past, these products were only powered by electricity, but more recently manufacturers have started making them cordless as well.

Can I use a DeWalt random orbital sander as a polisher?

The DeWalt random orbital sander is a popular tool among woodworkers and is used by many auto detailers as a polisher. Some people have been asking if this tool can be used as a polisher- or as a sanding tool. In this article, I will make my best attempt to show what is possible.

Can you use 18 volts Dewalt batteries?

No, Dewalt polisher 20 volts used. this battery is also made most high quality.

Final Verdict😘

The Dewalt cordless polisher review focuses on all the features and benefits you can get from this model. The above-mentioned features make the Dewalt DCM849B an overall well-balanced and good polisher in the cordless section. 

Despite the low battery backup and dual action polishers (random orbital), it can be suitable for easily fining detail a car. This tool has the potential to give benchmark buffing to hoods, windshields, headlight, rear light, window, doors, and trunk of a car. 

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