Best Kumho Performance Tires Review & Buyer Guide

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So, finally, your dream has come true! You’re a proud owner of an expensive SUV or car. You’ve struggled so much to make your dream come true. But, still, you’re unhappy! Perhaps, you need a good tire immediately. In such a case, if you’re seeking to make a superb finishing touch on the vehicle, you can purchase a Kumho tire without a second think.

Kumho is a South Korean brand. They’ve been in this business for nearly six decades. Besides, this is one of the most renowned tire-making companies globally. These tires are not that expensive, nor too cheap. Today’s analysis will see best kumho performance tires and buyer guide (2022). Let’s jump –

Best Kumho Performance Tires Reviews In 2022

Why Choose Kumho Tire?

Tires are an essential part of a car. This is why they need to be strong, durable, and secured. A perfect tire company must possess a vast range of tires in their catalog. So, the same thing applied to Kumho. They own an extensive collection of tires for both passenger and commercial vehicles. 

However, still, many people doubt Kumho tires. They are confused about whether it is good or bad. Nevertheless, they shouldn’t be baffled. It’s definitely a world-class tire. Kumho is tirelessly working to improve its existing design.

Further, they are also trying to instigate new technologies to engulf their upcoming projects. The performance of Kumho tires on various surfaces like wet, dry, snow, etc., is exceptionally well. Moreover, the state-of-the-art technology of the tire dramatically enhances its performance.

Furthermore, the Korean company offers superior comfort and a great handling system. The products of Kumho are long-lasting and can be found in economic ranges. Hence, they can withstand the harshest weather conditions too. 

As a result, we can assure you that these tires are reliable and good enough to buy for your vehicle.

Now, we’ll see the 12 best Kumho tires till now. Let’s check which one is the most suitable for you. Here, we go – 

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12 best kumho performance tires Reviewed

Kumho is undoubtedly one of the top-notch brands around the world. They are famous for high-class manufacturing tires. However, you can buy their products at a pretty reasonable price. What do you think? Are they good or bad?! Well, we’ll discuss.

01| Kumho Solus TA31 best all season touring tires

61vPEhg9uuL. AC SL1000

The Kumho Solus TA31 is a very popular all-season tire. Solus has already got wide recognition due to its top quality. TA31 is tired one of the best models. Moreover, TA31 does superbly on dry and wet roads. They can do well on slick and snowy roads too. It is designed for all-season performance. 

Besides, Kumho manufactured it with utter comfort. The Crugen Solus TA31 contains a superior balance for mileage and performance. On the other side, the wide shoulder block gives it perfection for better road traction. The symmetric tread pattern can effectively reduce noise and unnecessary fuel exhaustion.

Furthermore, the tire’s grip is enough to take on various harsh weather conditions. It’s modified to produce the toughness and sportiness of a performance tire. Hence, the tire is thick enough, and its overall structure assists reduce the wear of the tire core. 

The TA31 is a well-made tire. They are so smooth, and you won’t find any hassle while using them. These tires also provide superb riding and excellent handling. On top of that, the balance is suitable for a chunk of rubber and steel. Overall, they are a perfect budget-friendly all-season tire that could give you a splendid and comfortable experience. 

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Kumho Solus TA31 PROS

  • New noise decreasing tech.
  • Improved tread life.
  • Exceptional balance.
  • No fuel consumption.

Kumho Solus TA31 CONS

  • Performance could be better on wet roads.

02| Kumho Road Venture AT51 best All-Terrain Tires

It doesn’t matter whether you’re making a trip on off-road places or the highway. The Kumho AT51 all-terrain tire will provide you with superior traction and outstanding handling grip. It can quickly increase the overall performance of any type of vehicle on the road. 

The symmetric tread design can convincingly stop the tread wear. Moreover, the AT51 all-terrain tire features Kumho’s ESCOT casing technology. It can vastly enhance steering responsiveness even when you’re riding on bad terrain. Further, this all-terrain tire is manufactured for a noiseless and comfortable ride. 

The grip is astounding, and it is highly stable in heavy weather. There are deep central grooves installed in the tire. Hence, it can wash away rain and snow so fast. The dual silica compound is constructed to cool the tire even in scorching weather. 

Furthermore, this tire is made mainly for light-duty pickups, jeeps, and SUVs. They can produce superior performance in the winter season. However, they are masters in providing excellent performance in off-road traction. The balancing is too good, while stability is fantastic on this tire. It is remarkably quiet. We highly recommend it. 

61vPEhg9uuL. AC SL1000
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Kumho AT51 PROS

  • Exceptional grip.
  • The off-road traction is fantastic.
  • It gives outstanding service in snowy, muddy, and rainy weather.
  • Terrific balance.

Kumho AT51 CONS

  • It should perform well in hot weather.

03| Kumho Solus TA31 Best All-Season Tire – 215/55R17 94V

This is another all-season tire from Kumho. The Crugen TA31 features a perfect balanced for mileage and performance. There’s a soft contact edge that can be found on the tire. As a result, it can easily create much better traction on the road. The handling and grip are also excellent for this all-season tire. 

The Solus TA31 has been constructed to supply superior performance on-road. You can also enjoy a smooth ride with this one. Besides, the symmetric tread design assists in lightening the noise on the road and fuel expenses. The siped, four-groove tread can efficiently create gripping surfaces. It is essential in clearing out the water from the tire.

Furthermore, the tires look so good and will fit nicely on your car. It is designed for responsive handling as well as enduring a comfortable ride with all-season traction. On top of that, it can even do good traction in light snow! The inside construction contains twin steel belts accompanied by nylon with a polyester cord casing to increase strength. 

This is why it is highly comfortable. On top of that, you’ll find sublime hydroplane resistance. The Kumho TA31 is available in 14-16 inch sizes. It is well-tailored to both reasonable and high-expensive cars. 

Solus TA31 Pros

  • Advanced dual technology can provide extreme comfort.
  • Handling and grip are so good.
  • Steering response.
  • Well-constructed product.

Solus TA31 Cons

  • Winter traction.

04| Kumho Ecsta PA51 Best All-Season Tire – 215/40ZR18 89W

Kumho Ecsta PA51 All-Season Tire - 215/40ZR18 89W
  • Confidence-instilling traction comes from its asymmetrical tread-design and full-depth sipes that are able to give superb traction...
  • A strong central rib and rigid outside shoulder give exceptional traction and stability, even in tight curves and corners.
  • A balanced and wide footprint provides even contact with the road, allowing for longer tread life.
  • Variable pitch tread design lowers road harmonics for a quieter, more comfortable ride; especially at high speeds.
  • Circumferential and lateral grooves along with full-depth sipes help to expel water and snow quickly to help improve control, even...

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The Kumho Ecsta PA51 is an Ultra High-performance all-season tire from this South Korean brand. These tires are sketched mainly for different types of vehicles and wheel sizes. It is such a dynamic and efficient all-season grip. The handling system is quite astonishing of this model.

The Ecsta PA51 can drive well in dry, wet and cold conditions. Not only that, it can even drive perfectly in light snow. A sturdy central rib and compact outside shoulder are situated in the tire. For this reason, the traction of the product is so well. Moreover, the tire is also highly stable, even in tight places. 

Furthermore, the asymmetrical tread design is the main instigator behind its superior traction on and off-road. It can even give mind-blowing traction in the snow or rain. The variable pitch tread design can effectively quiet the noise. Even if you’re driving at high speed, this design can keep the noise in check.

There’s a high-silica content in the compound that profoundly enhances wet traction. On the other hand, open shoulder slots can help to wipe away the water and strengthen hydroplaning resistance. This all-season tire also supplies adequate comfort and durability. This is such a solid and well-balanced performer, without a single doubt.

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Kumho Ecsta PA51 PROS

  • It can minimize noise even at high-speed
  • Outstanding traction
  • High durability
  • Well-balanced tire

Kumho Ecsta PA51 CONS

  • It should do well in wintry condition

05| Kumho Solus TA31 All-Season Tire – 205/55R16 91H

Kumho Solus TA31 All-Season Tire - 205/55R16 91H
  • Product Type :Tires
  • Package Dimensions :24.9" L X24.9" W X8.4" H
  • Country Of Origin :South Korea
  • Package Weight :19.0Lbs

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This is one of the most premium tires from Kumho. The Kumho Solus TA31 combines all-season performance, and it is incredibly versatile. Due to the tread pattern, you will feel comfortable while driving. Moreover, a systematic tread pattern is the main reason for reducing vibration and noise.

Besides, it is mainly designed for mid-sized and luxury sedans. The TA31’s highly durable and long-lasting. The wide shoulder blocks are the reason behind the soft contact edge. As a result, this tire is immensely fuel-efficient. The tires of TA31 are designed to mix receptive handling and flexible ride in various weather conditions.

If you go to the highway at high speed, you can ride without thinking of making noise. These tires are quiet and last a long time without a problem. Moreover, Kumho Solus TA31 can provide superb performances in all seasons and offer a good balance for mileage and performance

Furthermore, the Kumho TA31 is engineered to deliver solid traction in all terrains. You can even ride easily in rugged terrains without any hassle with this one. Indeed, if you’re seeking a budget-friendly, quality on or off-road all-season tire, you can go for this product from the South Korean giant.

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Kumho Solus tire PROS

  • Quiet and comfortable riding.
  • Less vibration and noise.
  • Fuel efficient.
  • Can ride in rugged terrains easily.

Kumho Solus tire CONS

  • Not so good in the rainy time.

06| Kumho Solus TA11 All-Season Tire – 225/65R17 102T

Kumho Solus TA11 All-Season Tire - 225/65R17 102T
  • Engineered for class-leading comfort and shock absorbtion with Kumho's exclusive Escot casing.
  • Excellent fuel economy and a long tread life - the result of a duel silicone compound engineered to cool quickly. It runs colder,...
  • Exceptional grip and stability in heavy rain and snow. Four, deep center grooves channel water away quickly.
  • Engineered for traction on ice, with tiny waffle creating thousands of small gripping edges.

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The Kumho Solus TA11 is an affordable all-season tire you will find. They can deliver satisfying balance and a smooth ride with incredible tread life. Besides, this tire is a practical performer all around the road. Due to the particular Escot casing, you can ride the vehicle with utter comfort. 

Moreover, the dual silicone compound will help you spend less fuel while supplying an extended tread life. This powerful tech can even keep tires cool in sweltering conditions. On top of that, the tire can deliver good ride endurance with the slightest tread noise. The fantastic steering vibe and response give drivers a superior feeling.

It can give good performance in dry and wet performance. Besides, it can also deliver remarkable performance in snowy weather too. The tire runs so quietly on the road, and the 80,000 miles treadwear warranty is superb for the price.

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  • Dry traction is fantastic
  • Smooth and noiseless ride
  • Highly comfortable
  • Great price and performance


  • Wintry performance is not up to the mark

07| Kumho Solus TA11 All-Season Tire – 215/70R14 96T

Kumho Solus TA11 All-Season Tire - 215/70R14 96T (2182963)
  • Engineered for class-leading comfort and shock absorption with Kumho’s exclusive ESCOT casing.
  • Excellent fuel economy and a long tread life - the result of a duel silicone compound engineered to cool quickly. It runs colder,...
  • Exceptional grip and stability in heavy rain and snow. Four, deep center grooves channel water away quickly.
  • Engineered for traction on ice, with tiny waffle creating thousands of small gripping edges.

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The Kumho Solus TA11 is an excellent, no-fuss all-season tire. This is also one of the cheapest tires available on the market. Besides, the tread pattern of this tire is asymmetrical. As a result, drivers can quickly corner their vehicles. The specialized tread compound attaches miles to the fuel productiveness.

Kumho’s particular Escot casing can provide enough comfort and shock absorption while riding a vehicle. There is also a dual silicone compound integrated into this tire. For this reason, the tire gets cool very quickly when it gets hot. Moreover, you’ll find stability and flexibility during driving, even in harsh weather. 

The deep center grooves instilled in the tire. As a result, it can channel water away quickly. The traction is so good that you can even run it over the ice without facing any hassle! You can go snowboarding with this one. They look durable, long-lasting, and slick-free.

Furthermore, they run smoothly and quietly. They also balanced easily. You will feel no vibrations in the vehicle, and the car rides true to the road. These low-profile tires can productively handle your day-to-day activities with all-season versatility.

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Kumho Solus PROS

  • The advanced all-season compound can provide traction in all weather conditions.
  • Very well balancing
  • It supplies a pleasant and smooth ride
  • Affordable

Kumho Solus CONS

  • Normal design and not eye-popping

08| Kumho Ecsta PS31 Summer Performance Tire

Kumho Ecsta PS31 Summer Performance Tire - 245/40ZR18 97W
  • A solid centre rib and stylish lateral grooves reinforce block stiffness and improve wet braking
  • 3D dimple design minimizes heat build-up on tread blocks, enhancing high-speed durability
  • Wide four-channel circumferential grooves improve hydroplaning resistance
  • 3D dimple design minimizes heat build-up on tread blocks, enhancing high-speed durability.

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The Kumho Ecsta PS31 is designed to give the driver a great taste of driving. It provides a mind-blowing driving balance even at the highest speed. You’ll get fantastic stability while riding in it. On top of that, 3D dimple design decreases heat build-up on tread blocks. As a result, it is highly durable and long-lasting.

Furthermore, the wide four-channel encompassing grooves enhances hydroplaning resistance. You won’t be disturbed by noise while driving the car. It can keep the noise in check. Moreover, it also provides enough safety and security. It offers a fascinating grip in dry and wet conditions. The advanced the redistribute heat when the tire starts moving. Hence, the micro-silica tread compounds boost handling and traction.

Since this is known as “summer tire,” it can’t give good performance in wintry or snowy conditions. But, it won’t wear fast due to its computer-simulated structure. In addition, it comes with 6 years warranty. 

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Kumho Ecsta PROS

  • It features a checkered design on the sidewall
  • Provides first-class performance in the summertime
  • Highly durable
  • Hydroplaning resistance

Kumho Ecsta CONS

  • Only suitable for heated summer days

09| Kumho Ecsta STX KL12 All-Season Tire

Kumho Ecsta STX KL12 All-Season Tire - 305/50R20 120V
  • All-season performance for SUVs and light trucks
  • Two wide circumferential and lateral grooves evacuate water to minimize the risk of hydroplaning
  • Variable pitch tread blocks assist with road harmonics to produce a quiet ride reducing vehicle cabin noise
  • Jointless construction and bead reinforcement ensure durability with a large contact patch and steering response
  • Rim protector in lower sidewall safeguards wheels against curb damage

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The Kumho Ecsta, STX KL12 tire, can deliver superior performance in any weather. It can optimize performance in dry and wet conditions while providing a medium-level performance in the light winter. But, it’s not so good for the snowy atmosphere. The tread blocks of the tire can proficiently reduce the noise. 

As a result, you can enjoy a quiet and comfortable ride. The Ecsta’s lower sidewall can safeguard it and the wheel from damage. The STX features a splendid design to go with a whole year-round performance. The steering process is fast and responsive throughout the speed section. Therefore, you’ll get super confidence behind the wheel.

On the other hand, jointless construction is the reason behind the tire’s durability. The tire comes in a 16 24 size range. For this reason, it covers both original equipment and plus-sized implements. It can efficiently balance the versatile traction with fantastic handling attributes. 

Another good feature of this all-weather tire is that it can decrease hydroplaning risk. Many drivers praise this attribute when driving their vehicle on this tire. Overall, if you want a comfortable ride with utter safety and a gorgeous tread design that provides excellent performance, the STX KL12 could be perfect for you.

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Kumho Ecsta PROS

  • Awesome looks
  • Fascinating dry and wet traction
  • Steering response
  • Less risk of hydroplaning

Kumho Ecsta CONS

  • No mileage guarantee

10| Kumho Crugen Premium KL33 All-Season Tire

Kumho Ecsta STX KL12 All-Season Tire - 305/50R20 120V
  • All-season performance for SUVs and light trucks
  • Two wide circumferential and lateral grooves evacuate water to minimize the risk of hydroplaning
  • Variable pitch tread blocks assist with road harmonics to produce a quiet ride reducing vehicle cabin noise
  • Jointless construction and bead reinforcement ensure durability with a large contact patch and steering response
  • Rim protector in lower sidewall safeguards wheels against curb damage

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The Kumho Crugen Premium KL33 is Kumho’s one of the most popular tires for all weathers. It is built for superior traction, tire life, and lesser rolling resistance for all-season compounds. The wet traction and hydroplaning resistance are superb in a word. These tires are available for SUVs, crossover, and light trucks. 

Kumho Crugen KL33 is basically a low-profile tire from the South Korean giant. But, it puts a solid performance in all season. They are highly stable, responsive, and balancing too. Besides, the tire is comprised of unique noise canceling tread. As a result, it can minimize road noise and vibration. 

You can easily enjoy a smooth, quiet and comfortable ride with this tire. The longer tread life and fantastic cold traction can keep the tire relaxed even in extreme temperatures. The superb handling and sophisticated all-season performance make it a suitable tire for various luxurious vehicles.

Furthermore, these high-performance tires possess a unique sidewall design. The wide rounded grooves enhance wet and light snow traction. All in all best komho tires, it is a supreme-level tire and capable of giving excellent service for summer tires. 

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  • Enhances wear performance
  • Stellar handling
  • Less noise and vibration
  • Comfortable ride


  • Not suitable for snowy weather

11| Kumho Ecsta PS91 Best Summer Performance Tire

Kumho Ecsta PS91 Summer Performance Tire - 295/30ZR20 101Y
  • A compound rib tread design increases stability and performance at high speeds.
  • Application of cosmetic racing-flag tread indentations, portray exotic supercar image.
  • The C-Cut 3D design enhances block stiffness, providing optimum braking performance and stability.
  • The 3D design minimizes internal heat which maximizes durability.
  • The sidewall's racing-inspired checkered design communicates the tire's ultra-high performance capabilities.

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This product is made for high-end cars. It can supply an optimal wet and dry handling performance both on and off the track. Besides, this is an ultra-high performance summer tire capable of delivering excellent handling and superior performance in hot weather conditions.

The directional tread design promises a perfect blend of wet and dry performance. On top of that, the C-Cut 3D design develops block toughness, supplying the highest braking performance and high stability. Besides, the 3D design effectively decreases internal heat. This is why it is very much durable. 

On the other hand, the compounded rib tread design enhances stability even at optimal speeds while driving the car. If you’re from the Middle East, you can use it without a second thought. It even performs well in 40+ degree temperatures. Moreover, these tires are almost noiseless.

These tires are very comfortable, even on uneven roads. You can enjoy a smooth ride. So, if you think you need a supreme-level ride in the summertime, this one is for you. 

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  • Magnificent handling
  • Can give super performance even in 40+ degree temperatures
  • Highly durable
  • Provide comfort even on the rocky road


  • Tires wearing out quickly

12| Kumho Road Venture AT51 All-Terrain Tire

Kumho Road Venture AT51 All-Terrain Tire - 265/70R16 112T
  • Class-leading performance in the mud and snow, with an angled chamfer that creates hundreds of gripping edges, and a deep, tapered...
  • Engineered for a quiet, comfortable ride, with a symmetric tread design and variable-pitch tread blocks to reduce road harmonics.
  • Excellent grip and stability in heavy weather, with deep central grooves to channel rain and snow away quickly.
  • For long tread wear and fuel efficiency, the dual silica compound is engineered to cool quickly and wear evenly.

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Kumho Road AT51 provides world-class traction. You can run this all-terrain tire pretty astonishingly well in deep snow. However, you can switch gears to drive on muddy places too. The cut-resistant dual silica tread compound can enhance strength and heat dispersion. Further, the Escot casing technology helps to get long tread life.

Further, the deep central grooves assist in taking away water and snow far from the footprint. It is made for a comfortable ride. The symmetric tread design can proficiently block to decrease noise. Moreover, AT51 possesses an excellent grip. It is also a very well-balanced and stable tire. This tire can perform well even in harsh weather conditions.

The price of these all-terrain tires is pretty reasonable. These tires are pretty impressive in light, deep and ice traction. In addition, they can perform astonishingly on dirt, rock, mud, snow, etc. 

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Kumho Road PROS

  • Ensure long tread life
  • The silica tread compound increases strength
  • Ensure safe and comfortable ride
  • Provides amazing stability and balance

Kumho Road CONS

  • The performance is not so good in heavy snow

best kumho performance tires & Buyer Guide

Most people think that only expensive tires can ensure high-quality performance. But, this assessment is not accurate with Kumho tires. This brand supplies superior tires even in a much more affordable range. Now, we’ll talk about what to look for in a Kumho tire when you’re a driver or consumer. Let’s go – 

kumho tires Value

Value is the most common thing for a Kumho tire. The South Korean company is well-known for producing high-quality tires in an affordable range. You can pay almost half of the price than other big brands. Besides, you can be assured about quality. But, they are not the cheapest. So, you have to pay a minimum amount of money. 

The brand puts itself in a place where you can compare them with the more expensive manufacturers in performance terms. However, you can access their products at a much cheaper range. This is why they are one of the best value-for-price tires available on the market.

kumho tires Fuel Efficiency

Nowadays, most manufacturing companies are creating a tire with lower carbon emissions. Kumho is no less, and they have been producing such tires for a long. Hence, the Korean giant already utilizes unique tread in their tires. As a result, they can significantly reduce energy exhaustion. 

For this reason, they’ve mastered their hands in making fuel-efficient tires. 

kumho tires Durability

When it comes to durability, Kumho is second to none. They offer tires for all types of terrains – from snow to wet driving conditions. Moreover, this brand tests all of their tires in all areas, from highway driving to driving competition. That’s why the company gets a deep knowledge about the tire’s tread. 

Further, due to modern XRP technology, these tires got immense longevity. 

kumho tires Handling

Kumho has filled their tires with different of the latest technology. Therefore, the handling has been increased significantly. This is why the traction, steering response, stability all get enhanced perfectly. For all these reasons, the brand’s overall performance has developed much faster. 

kumho tires Performances 

So, the big question – how do Kumho tires perform? Well, the truth is they always ensure quality when it comes to safety, comfort, and noise. The tread design of them is astonishing. Besides, the tires of Kumho will allow you to have – 

  • Ensure safe and secured ride 
  • It will give you a smooth and quiet ride on rocky terrains
  • Ensure a good balance and keep the traction

But, it will largely depends on which model you buy. You have to keep in mind that – general tires last longer than sports cars. Nevertheless, it still depends on how you drive your vehicle on different terrains. 

kumho tires Weather Resistance

Kumho tires are widely known for their weather resistance capability. These tires can repel extreme weather situations like rain, snowfall, and ice. They can do well in muddy, sandy, and bumpy terrains too. 

kumho tires Warranty

kumho tires Warranty

Every big brand provides a warranty to give the best to their customers. The same thing applied to Kumho tires. They also offer a warranty for their products. Averagely, the warranty for most Kumho tires will be between 45,000 and 55 000 miles. Additionally, it can increase with the change of the tire. 

Our Recommend List….

FAQ’s- Most Common Questionaries About RV Tires

Where’s the location of Kumho Tires?

Kumho’s global headquarter is located in South Korea. They have several other offices located around the world. 

What’s the shipping policy of Kumho Tires?

Kumho doesn’t sell the products directly. The shipping policy for online ordering will mainly depend on which retailer you will buy the tires. 

Final Words About Kumho tires

So, this is our discussion and, of course, the full best kumho performance tires. What do you think? Are Kumho tires good or bad?! This brand is undoubtedly worth the money for its various high-quality features. Furthermore, this tire can save a massive amount of money. They never build low-quality products and ensure quality performance. 

We hope our article has generated adequate information about the Kumho tire. So, which one you’re going to purchase?? You can share your opinion in the comment box below. 

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