Most Popular NOCO GB50 Lithium Startbooster 12V 1500Amp Jump Starter

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Have you ever got stuck in the road in between your car ride? If you have been through this, you know how daunting it is to get your car back running again. Not only is it difficult, but it is a matter of safety as well. 

We believe every single method is a hassle of some sort. It’s better to have a portable jump starter with you to make things easier. Today we have written this NOCO GB50 lithium startbooster 12v 1500amp to show you the most convenient way to resuscitate your car battery.

What if you are returning home from a distant route and your car breaks down? We hope you never face this situation, but sadly many automobile users face this dilemma. Numerous causes make your car go dead. One potential problem is the battery dead issue. You may know about reviving a dead battery by using a common method using jumper cables.

The Best Portable noco gB50 lithium startbooster 12v 1500amp Car Battery Booster Pack


  • Battery type: 12 volts lead-acid batteries
  • Internal battery capacity: 35 watt-hour lithium-ion
  • Peak current: 1500 Amps
  • USB input/output: 2.1 amps
  • Engine rating: 4.5-liter diesel and 7 liters of gas
  • LED Flashlight: 200 Lumens
NOCO GB50 Lithium Startbooster 12V 1500Amp Jump Starter In 2022
NOCO GB50 Lithium Startbooster 12V 1500amp
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What causes your car to stop in the middle of the road?

There are many issues that a vehicle can face, and you cannot do anything about it apart from taking precautions and dealing with it with care and patience. No matter if you are on-road or off-road, breakdowns can occur due to gas shortage, flat tire or dead battery. 

Flat tire issues are easily dealt with the most common way, replacing them with spare tires. Having a spare on the back of your car will save you. If you are short of gas, you possibly would have to tow your vehicle to the next gas station. If it’s the case of a dead battery, well the most common way to bring it back to life is by using jumper cables. We are discussing car sudden stopping issues so let’s talk about possible solutions.

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Jumper cables are full of inconvenience

The first reason why we don’t like this method is that it requires the help of another car. Suppose you are stuck on an isolated road, where are you going to find a helping hand, another car to give your vehicle the power boost? Not only is it a matter of safety as you wait on an empty road. It’s going to kill a lot of time as you will have to wait for someone to pull over and lend you assistance. 

This is why we ask you to have your very own device to jump-start your car without any help from a third person. In this situation, the Noco GB50 will certainly be your best friend.

Adding to the trouble, using jumper cables can turn out to be dangerous for you and the one helping you. These cables need cross-wiring from one vehicle to another to make things work. The use of wires can be potentially dangerous. Dealing with electricity, without proper knowledge might push in a spot of bother and compromise safety.

How does a portable jump starter such as Noco GB50 help?

First, you gotta know what a portable jump starter is. These units are simple devices designed to generate a large amount of power in a short period. With the use of alligator clamps, this device sends an impulse to the car battery and kickstarts the battery.

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Most importantly, having a device such as Noco GB50 will cut out unnecessary tasks, such as finding another car to provide power and all. If you are stuck in the middle of a road with your batteries not working, worry no more! If you know how to use a portable jump starter, every task will be much smoother than you think.

Peak current of a device

Each car has a different amp requirement to power the battery, therefore the engine. Most vehicles have an optimum amp rating of 1000 amps. You don’t want to buy a device that has a lower amp rating than what’s needed by your car. This will not do any good and you will be in dire straits. If your car has a bigger horsepower, it might need a starter with a higher amp rating. 

Some cars will require 1000 amps and some might require more. This is where GB50 comes in handy with its peak current of 1500 amps. Rated at 1500 amps, GB50 can fire up 7-liter gasoline engines and can also work on 4.5-liter diesel engines. 

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Some key features of the NOCO Boost XL GB50

This particular unit comes with many good features that will certainly bring life to your car. It is a good advancement from its predecessors because the manufacturers have made sure you get everything in one device. No, The GB50 can handle trucks, standard cars, motorcycles, ATVs, etc without budging. Let’s dig into what makes it so special.

Jump Starter What's in the box
In The Box
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Jump Starter Design

It comes with a handy front panel that has power indicators, power capacity indicator lights, an on/off button, manual mode on/off switch, flashlight on/off switch and NOCO boost indicator. It has an indicator for incorrect connection. With all these functionalities, the useability of the unit is super easy and worthwhile. 

The GB50 comes with color-coded battery clamps, black for negative terminals and black for positive ones. There is a dedicated storage partition for the clamps. That’s not all, it comes with a USB and micro USB port. 

Tactical grade lumen flashlight

We love this feature a lot. A flashlight is super important when working in darker areas. It has 7 different light modes, from strobe to SOS. Alerting other motorists or working your way under the bonnet in dark places are now made easy with the built-in flashlight.

USB compatibility

You can charge your portable jump starters through the built-in USB ports from a portable power bank charger. Just connect the micro USB cable to the USB port and charge this device in no time with 2.1A charging.

It has a USB out option where you can simply charge your tablets, mobile phones, GoPro and much more.

Reverse polarity protection

Even if you wrongly connect the wires, this portable unit will be able to protect your car battery. It also has spark-proof protection, therefore there will be no sparks when you work with it. 

Dustproof and splash-proof

The GB50 has an IP65 rating that allows it to resist dust and spills. No matter what condition you are dealing with, water spills and unwanted dust are nothing to be worried about. 

How good is the Noco GB50?

The GB50 is one powerful handy tool for every automobile enthusiast. The likes of GB40 can easily start up a 4runner, then why need to go for the GB50? Simply because it is a beast in terms of output. 

This item has a larger battery for user convenience. It is stacked with a 35 watt-hour battery that is destined to last long and perform under difficult circumstances. The best thing about it is that it can power 4runners and even trucks. You have seen it right. With this unit, you will be able to jump-start different vehicle types without having to worry about the shortage of amps. The starting current and the battery life is stellar in terms of usage. This is why it’s a winner in our perspective. 

If you plan to have a more powerful instrument, you can always upgrade to GB150, 500 and some others. It will come at a cost and might be too overpowering. So if you are using 4runners or trucks we recommend the GB50, it is sturdy and powerful enough to revive your car engine. You will get a 1-year warranty with it, making it much more reliable.

Most Common Questionaries About Jump Starter

Battery life, voltage, amps, charge time—there are a lot of terms associated with a battery. But you probably have at least one question: what exactly is the difference between a jump starter and a wall charger?

To find out, we spoke with Robert Lastoria, a PowerAid spokesman and battery expert, who clarified the difference between jump starters, wall chargers, and even car chargers.

How long does GB50 take to charge fully?

Due to having a 2.1A power input, it takes about 5 hours to recharge its big battery.

How many Mah is the NOCO GB50?

This NOCO jump Stater has enabled 1500 Amps peak current.

Final thoughts about NOCO gb50

Stop worrying about problematic batteries as you drive. If you come up with inconvenience while on the road, you don’t need to panic anymore. If you have read through this NOCO gb50 lithium startbooster 12v 1500amp article you know what we are talking about.

We believe jumper cables need a lot of work and are potentially dangerous. BEtter has a portable jump starter to aid your car engine. Not only it boosts your car from completely dead, but it also allows charging to other important devices.

No matter if it’s a standard 4runner or a truck, this particular unit will always have your back with its extensive peak current capability and a workhorse-type battery. All in all, the Noco GB50 is a top-notch, sturdy and well-rounded gadget that will only add to your benefit.

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