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Riding on muddy or unstable terrain with an ATV is thrilling, but it is also very risky. And the riding can become uncertain when you don’t check some important aspects. Tires are one of the significant aspects of a safe journey on an ATV. And the kenda bear claw HTR reviews is one of the most popular tires for ATV riders.

Kenda Corporation is one of the biggest tire manufacturing corporations in the world. And if you think they produce good tires or not, you can check out their Kenda Bear Claw HTR review. These tires have bear claw patterns molded into their tread, which can provide perfect traction for your ATV. 

Their advanced inner knob decreases the vibration of the ATV. As a result, you can ride more smoothly. Also, their unique design doesn’t catch mud or dirt while driving. So you can enjoy safer driving. 

kenda bear claw HTR reviews

Kenda Bear Claw HTR reviews ans Gieding

The Kenda Rubber Corporation was founded in Yuanlin, Taiwan, in 1962. First, they only produced bicycle tires. In 1970, they turned their attention to motorcycle and scooter tires. In 2010, they were the 27th most enormous tire producer corporation globally.

kenda Tire

The HTR in the Kenda Bear Claw HTR Radial and 25×10-12 ATV Tires means Hard Terrain Radial. The radial area of this tire is made of hard materials, so it provides perfect traction on any kind of terrain surface. 

These tires have a high orientational track pattern that provides a massive void ratio, improving their grip on unstable terrain surfaces. They provide the same service on uneven, soft, loose surfaces just like they do on a hard surface.

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The 25X8-12 and 25X10-12 in the Kenda Bear Claw HTR Radial 25×8-12 and 25×10-12 ATV Tires provide the size of the tires. They come with two pairs of tires, 25X8-12, which is the size of the front pairs. 

It means the tire’s diameter is 25 inches and the section width is 8 inches. At the same time, the 25X10-12 is the size of the back pairs, with 25 inches in diameter and 10 inches in section width. Both of these two pairs of tires have the same best 12-inch rim. we recommend Rims For beginners. Meybe it’s good prodect for you right choose.

Tire weight

The front pair is 21 pounds, and the back pair is 25 pounds. They can resist enough loads to ride an ATV.


The perfect melded patterns on the tread of the tires are so assertive. As a result, they provide perfect traction on the road. Even if you are running the ATV on uneven roads filled with sticks or logs, the tires hold enough traction to run the ATV flawlessly.


In the product kit, you will find one pair of Kenda Bear Claw HTR Radial ATV Tire [25×8-12] and one pair of Kenda Bear Claw HTR Radial ATV Tire [25×10-12]. The 25×8-12 are front tires, while the 25×10-12 are back tires.


The tire treads are made of rubber, and the robbers' task is to come into contact with the road to run the ATV

The tire treads are made of rubber, and the robbers’ task is to come into contact with the road to run the ATV. As the tread wears away, the traction of the tires diminishes. So, to give proper traction, different types of patterns are shaped on the tread. 

The Kenda Bear Claw HTR Radial 25×8-12 and 25×10-12 ATV Tires have two types of tires. One pair are front tires, and the other pair are back tires. Both have the same tread depth, which is 0.79 inches or 21 mm.


The knobs are placed between the intersection of treads and the track surface. They are made of steel and are very important for smoother rides. The HTR comes with an advanced component of a core knob that can decrease the vibration of the ATV. So you can ride more smoothly.

Maximum traction

The extreme patterns on the tread provide excellent traction on the road. Even if you use them for a long time, they don’t fade away. They have unique core lugs that can deliver additional traction. As a result, these tires provide the maximum traction on roads that you require.

Smooth ride

The HTR has an extra middle knob that is used to decrease the vibration of the ATV while riding it. So you can enjoy a smooth ride.

Dirt-Free ride

These tires have perfectly melded patterns that can provide enough space between the knobs and treads so that much dirt can not build up on the tires. So, these tires deliver the exact traction needed for safe driving in soft or muddy terrain.

Maximum load.

The front wheels can resist a maximum of 340 lb of load. The back pairs can withstand a load of up to 420 lbs. As the average weight of an ATV with two people is 700 LBs, these four tires can resist the loads.


The Kenda Bear Claw HTR Radial 25×8-12 and 25×10-12 ATV Tires have a rating of 4.6 out of 5 on Amazon. This rating is based on customer reviews as to how they feel while using the tires. These tires provide the excellent value for their money with excellent durability as they’re critiqued. Also, they are easy to install, so 86% of people give a 5-star rating on the tires.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Still, got some questions in mind? Let’s check the section below.

Does Cooper make Kenda tires?

No, Cooper doesn’t make Kenda tires. Though Cooper had had marketing and distribution deals with Kenda since 2004, it has come to an end. As a result, Kenda now has all the rights to market and distribute Kenda tires.

Where are Kenda ATV tires manufactured?

Kenda ATV tires are developed in Taiwan, China, and Vietnam by Kenda Corporation. The Kenda corporation was established in 1962, and since then, they have been manufacturing tires. They now have companies in different countries like the USA and China, but their ATV tires are only manufactured in their old companies in Taiwan, China, and Vietnam.

Are Kenda Bear Claw tires directional?

The tread design of the HTR is extraordinary. It has “Bearclaw” in its name, which is tagged for bear claw molded lug details on the tread. As a result, these molded lugs become a directional pattern on the whole tread surface. So the Kenda Bear Claws tires are directional.

Do Kenda bear claws run small?

No, the Kenda bear claw tires don’t run small. Instead, they run according to their true size, which is accurate. The 25×8-12 means the front tire pair has a diameter of 25 inches, and their section width is 8 inches. The 25×10-12 is the back pair tire size, which means it is 25 inches in diameter and 10 inches in section width. Both tires have 12-inch rims.

Are our Bear Claw tires any good?

The Bear Claws tires are perfect. They have patterns like bear claws on the tread that provide excellent traction while driving on both roads and off-road with an ATV. Their advanced core knobs decrease the vibration of the ATV, which gives you a smooth ride. They also provide a dirt-free ride.

Conclusion About kenda bear claw htr

While riding an ATV, you should equip yourself with the best tires that provide the perfect traction on-road or off-road. And the kenda bear claw HTR reviews is one of the most famous tires in the world. The Kenda corporation produces these outstanding tires by melding bear claw patterns on their tread so that they can produce enough traction.

As a result, these tires can hold the perfect balance, so riding with your ATV becomes flawless. Their unique knob doesn’t produce much vibration, so that you can ride much steadier. These tires are excellent for any kind of terrain, so they don’t become muddy or dirty. As a result, the Kenda Bear Claw HTR review is very positive in the marketplace.

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