How To Check Your Car oil? Easy Ways To Check

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The engine of your vehicle will run smoothly only if there is enough uncontaminated oil in it. Engine oil needs to be changed when you see unwanted dirt and it smells of gasoline. Checking your engine oil once a month is a good way of maintenance. Now if you are new to this, let us show you how to check your car oil? in quick steps.

Checking your car’s oil is super necessary to maintain your vehicle to its optimum. Monitoring the vehicle engine oil is a fairly easy task and anyone can check it for themselves. To make sure, the engine oil does not become too low or too dirty, a thorough checkup is the best way to go about it.  

Step By Step Check Your Car Engine Oil!

Eengine oil check Kit's
Engine oil check Kit’s

Step1: Find A Scrap Fabric Projects

First, you would need a piece of lint-free rag or a paper towel to handle things. It is essential and makes sure there are no unwanted spills.

Step2 . Safe Parking

You gotta turn your engine off and make sure your vehicle is on stable ground, a leveled horizon. Put your transmission in parking mode and put the parking brake on.

Step3.Open The Hood Of A Car-

Open The Hood Of A Car.webp
Open The Hood Of A Car

Right near the driver-side door, there is a handle, you gotta pull it. Also, there is a lever underneath the center of the hood, press it. The hood should pop up. Under the instrument panel, there is a hood release lever. You might also have to unlatch the safety catch under the front edge of the hood to successfully up-raise the hood panel.

If you are perplexed about the process, you should always check the owner’s manual, there is everything you need to know how it’s done.

Step4. Locate The Dipstick Oil Level-

Now you must look for the dipstick. It is not a complex process, and you are not in a maze. It is very simple and visible. In the majority of the cases, dipsticks are located on the left side of the engine in most cars. It should be colored in red or orange and has a small handle. Once you spot it, pull the handle and a long piece of metal should slide out of the engine board.

Step5. Oil Check Clean The Stick-

How To Check Your Car Oil Dipstick
Check Your Car Oil Dipstick

Use the paper towel or the piece of rag you collected in the first stage. Wipe the dipstick clean and make sure there is no oil embracing it. Once you’ve cleared the end of the stick, you will observe two lines. The lower end line indicates that you are running out of oil and need some extra pouring. The top line ensures the oil level is safe. There should be level markings tagged as ‘safe’, ‘full’, and ‘add’.

Step6. The Stick Oil Goes Back Inside

The next thing you have to do is insert the stick back to where it was. As simple as that. There is no other place you should put the dipstick. Before putting it in, follow the previous step carefully. The cleaning of the dipstick is essential and only a clean piece will give you unsoiled reading.

Step7. Inspect Oil Level Too High

How To Check Your Car Oil Engine Oil Dipstick
Engine Oil Dipstick

Once you have pushed and securely locked the metal stick back in place, wait for a few seconds. The work is already in process and done in a few seconds. Now it’s time to pull out the component once again just like you’ve found it the first time. This time it will show a clear level marking. That’s the reading you need to know.

After withdrawing the stick, look closely and inspect the lines. There should be oil in the stick and it should be either below the bottom line or in the middle of the two lines.

Step8. Making Sure Of The Oil Dipstick Level-

Now that the stick is out you can see the oil level. If the marking is in touch with the bottom line that says ‘Add’. Your engine is running out of oil and it’s time to add a quart. If the oil level is situated in between the two line markings on the stick. Just between the Add and safe level. If that’s the case, you don’t have to worry, the engine has an adequate amount of oil to run smoothly.

Step9. Clean vs Dirty Engine Oil-

clean vs dirty engine oil
Clean vs Dirty Engine Oil

If the level is between the low and high mark you are safe and the engine doesn’t need lubrication. There is one problem that might persist, the grittiness of the oil can be an issue. Before you put the dipstick back in place, use your fingers to see the thickness of the oil.

You will be able to determine the clean oil or gritty oil through its texture. If it’s smooth, you can add oil if necessary, if not, such as dirty smudges on your fingertips, then you have to change the oil overall.

Why Is it Necessary To Check Car Oil?

Recheck For Dirty Car Oil
Recheck For Dirty Car Oil

Maintaining the correct level of oil inside the engine is crucial for the engine to work at an optimum level. Oil is known to be the lifeblood of the engine. Without it, your car engine will be dead in no time.

The oil lubricates, curbs the friction, cleans the engine, and keeps away from heat. Overall, it protects the moving parts. Proper oiling will resist wear in the engine. Friction and heat usually deteriorate the oil quality and thus a change is also crucial to keep your car running in its prime.

If the quality of the oil is bad, there may be some other reasons. You can read this to know what is the reason or why the car engine gets hot. Check the quality of the oil every now and then to keep the car engine good. Car oil is refined, The Car oil level is checked, quality is checked. Good oil can keep the engine healthy.

Last Conclusion

Having read this article, you know the importance of oil maintenance in your car engine. It protects your car and keeps it in pristine condition. If your car engine is healthy, your car performance will peak no matter what. Adding oil and changing oil is the most important maintenance for an automobile owner and it should not be overlooked.

With the help of this writeup, you will gather proper knowledge on how to check your car oil, plus the dos and don’ts. Why wait for assistance for such a simple procedure? Follow the steps we mentioned above and you can do wonders.

Let’s The Video-Check car Oil :

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