What Size Socket For Spark Plugs? The Untold Secret Tips 2021

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Don’t you know what size socket for spark plugs? are required to be used in the engine. Since not all spark plugs are universal, spark plugs are made using different sizes and different metals.  

If you want to buy a spark plug socket for a car engine, you need to make sure that the socket size of that engine matches the size of the spark plug. Currently, there are many spark plug sockets used with the regular size spark plug socket wrench.  

However, the size of the socket used is usually determined by the hex of the spark plug sockets.  With different sockets available, you may find it challenging to find the right socket size in them.  

So, we suggest reading the instructions below to know what size socket to use in your spark plugs.

We Try To Find Out What size Socket For Spark Plugs

Spark plugs are powerful bolts of light, sparks of electricity that help the plug start your car by coming out across a small hole and generating combustion.

Simply put, it is not possible to start your car without a spark. Nowadays, deep and regular spark plug sockets are available, but deep sockets work very well with recessed plugs.

And these spark sockets are primarily designed to handle spark plugs. Using a spark plug socket is necessary to protect your vehicle’s insulation from the risk of various damage.

Find your Spark Plug Size

The most important thing about a spark plug is whether it matches the design of your engine. Therefore, the spark plug is the main component of any vehicle engine. There are three basic types of spark plugs: copper, iridium, and Platinum.  

In general, the conductivity of copper is higher and less expensive than that of Platinum and iridium. On the contrary, the price of Platinum is relatively high, but Platinum and Iridium are good enough to be long-lasting and durable.  

Also, these metals are needed to meet your car’s needs, so for the best performance, select the metal that matches your engine. You can understand what kind of spark plug you will need for your engine by checking the manual.  

  • First, you need to check the manual to find the right socket for the spark plug. Knowing the type and model of the plug from the manual makes it easy to find out the size of the socket.  
  • Second, you can check the spark plug yourself if you want to know the size of the socket. If the flux is accessible, you will measure the hex size with vernier calipers.
Spark Plug Size
Spark Plug Size we Needed

What Size Spark Plug Socket Do I Need

Many people want to know the ideal size of the spark plug socket, but the socket has no ideal size of its own. The size of any spark plug socket depends on the size and type of vehicle to be used. 

It has some simple sizes used most of the time, so many people think that size is ideal. However, of the many sizes, 14,16,18,20 mm sockets are the most used.  

Sparks of this size are used in many types of vehicles, including cars and motorcycles. No Matter what size socket you choose, make sure it is made of premium materials and withstand pressure.

Let’s follow the spark plug sizes chart:

Spark plug size (mm)Socket needed (mm)Application💕
✅14 mm9/16″Newer Asian, European cars
✅16 mm5/8″Motorcycles, smaller cars, Scooters
✅18 mm11/16 “BMW, Mini Cars
✅18 mm3/8″Motorcycles
✅19 mm3/4″Lawnmowers / Small engine
✅20 mm13/16″Cars
spark plug sizes chart

Reading the chart above, you can find out the size of the spark plug and socket and which sizes are used in which vehicle.

If the spark plug size of your car is 20 mm, you will need a 13/14 mm size socket. Similarly, if the size of the spark plug in a motorcycle is 16 mm or 18 mm, you need to use a 5/8 mm or 3/8 mm socket.

NGK Spark Plug

NGK Spark Plug Type Tool
NGK Spark Plug tool

The word NGK usually means a spark plug code. Spark plug manufacturers name plugs in different codes, and these codes provide much-needed information about spark plugs. Each brand names its spark plug with a different type of code.  

One of them is NGK. NGK is one of the largest manufacturers of spark plugs for motorcycles and ATVs (all-terrain vehicles) globally.  

  • Let us know the identification of NGK code with an example: BPR6ES -11
  • Here, B indicates the thread size of the plug, and it came as 14mm * 1.25 size.
  • The following letter, P, shows as a projected tip spark plug design.
  • Then, R came as a resistor-type spark plug.
  • After that, the number 6 shows the heat range of the spark plug.
  • Also, E indicates the reach of the spark plug.
  • Then, S is known as a copper center core.
  • Finally, the last number -11 indicates the spark plug gap in the milometers, which should be 1.1mm or 0.004 mm.
  • With the above value, you may now easily find the NGK spark plug socket size.

BOSCH Spark Plug

BOSCH Spark Plug Type
BOSCH Spark Plug Type

Another group of manufacturers has named their spark plugs after BOSCH. It is one of the best leading manufacturers of automotive products with the highest ratings on spark plugs. They also differ in design from all other models. 

  • Let us know the meaning of this code with the help of an example: WR6DC+
  • Here, W is known as thread size, and its value is 14mm*1.25mm.
  • R indicates the interference suppression resistor.
  • The number 6 came as a spark plug heat range.
  • The letter D indicates thread length, and the size is 19mm.
  • Also, by knowing the BOSCH code of spark plug, you can now find their capable BOSCH spark plug socket size.

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Can you use an ordinary socket for the spark plug?

Yes, you can use a regular socket, but you have to be very careful. For example, a spark plug has a washer at the end of the socket so that the socket is always completely down and straight.

What size socket do I need for the NGK spark plug?

The size of a plug hex determines the socket required for installation. Although 5/8 “(16mm) and 13/16″ are the two most common plug hex sizes, plugs can have hexes greater than 8mm or 1”.

How do you measure a spark plug?

The reach of a spark plug is calculated by the length of the thread. It is measured from the seat of the plug to the end of the thread; It does not include electrodes or an extended metal shell.

Do spark plugs make a difference?

Spark plugs help keep your engine at its maximum performance and efficiency level. Of course, every vehicle on the road will burn incorrectly from time to time

Final Thoughts

Since it is impossible to drive without a spark plug, it has to be replaced for various reasons. The most necessary part for spark plug replacement is the socket.  And to do any work with this vital spark, you need a socket of a specific size.  

And, with this precision-sized socket, you can easily remove the spark plug. But, unfortunately, there are so many sizes of sockets available nowadays that it is sometimes difficult to find the correct size sockets.  

By reading our what size socket for spark plugs article, you already know which socket size is good or enough. Hopefully, you can easily replace the spark plug or buy a new socket by looking at the size of the socket in our article.

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