Best Titanium Easy Flux 125 AMP Welder Review Is A Great Welder For Beginners Of All Skill Levels

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The Titanium easy-flux welder is a lightweight, compact and powerful machine. If you are new to welding and are going to do some basic stuff, this is a perfect choice for you. Easy-Flux welders are the best way to start with welders. And even a professional welder can use a good Flux welder every now and then.

As shielded metal arc welding (SMAW), also known as Easy-Flux welding, is a popular welding technique, welders love to own a good Easy-Flux welder. It is really great for small welding operations. And the Titanium Easy Flux 125 AMP Welder has proven to be a really good choice.

This machine can be a great small companion for a welder. And for beginners, it can be the easiest machine to handle. It can be used anywhere and can be carried anywhere very easily. In this Titanium easy-flux 125 amp welder Review, we will go deep while discussing various aspects of the machine.

Titanium Easy-Flux 125 Welder Review Is A Pretty Good Little Welder

To understand the review on the Titanium Easy Flux 125 AMP Welder, you must be familiar with the process of welding. And then the role of a good welder in this process. Welding has been one of the top choices in the process of connecting metals together. And a good welder can make the process a lot easier.

Welders/welding machines

Welding machines or welders have made the process of welding possible. They use the principle of generating arcs because of electric charges. And the produced arc makes the welding possible. Among the four popular types of welding, Easy-Flux welding is probably the easiest. A Easy-Flux welder is used for that.

best Titanium Easy Flux 125 AMP Welder reviews

Easy-Flux welders

Shielded metal arc welding (SMAW) is also known as Easy-Flux welding. In this welding, the metal titanium being used is flux coated to produce the shield while the welding is done. And for this process, you need a Easy-Flux welder that will run on DC current to produce the arc. And titanium easy-flux 125 amp is a Flux welder.

titanium easy-flux welders

This series of Easy-Flux welders are created mainly focusing on the compact build and lightweight service. And they make Flux welding very easy and effective. These machines use DC current and produce a powerful arc. And these welders are very beginner-friendly as they are very easy to use.

Harbor Freight 

This is the company that produces titanium easy-flux 125 welders. They are a California-based private tool and equipment retailer. They produce all kinds of welders, including the titanium easy-flux 125 amp we are talking about. And their products show great quality at a low price, and the titanium easy-flux 125 is no different.

Inverter technology

The titanium easy-flux 125 amp welder is based on the inverter welding technology. This is a relatively new technology in the field of welders. This technology is silicone-based and makes the welders a lot more compact than others. These welders can be connected to any socket as they consume less power.

A lightweight inverter welder

Because of the inverter technology used in the titanium easy-flux 125 amp welder, the size and weight of the machine are a lot less than other welders. This thing weighs only 16 pounds. So, it can be easily carried anywhere for small welding. It is not as powerful as the conventional welders, but it has its own benefits.

Accessories provided

Two things that a welder cannot work without are ground clamp and electrode holder. Both of these are 10 ft. Long as provided with the welder. And along with these, an 8 ft. Power cord and a 120v power adapter are provided. According to some professional users, the quality of some of these accessories is not up to the mark. You may need to change one or two after a good amount of use.

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Easy-access controls

As we have already mentioned, the Easy-Flux welding process and Flux welders are the best choices for beginners. And the titanium easy-flux 125 amp welder takes it to another level of ease. It puts all the necessary charts and information on the body of the welder easily readable and understandable for a beginner at welding. Great feature.

Dual voltages

This machine runs at two input voltages. 120v and 240v. These are two manual voltage switches. And this is a big plus point. If, instead of these, an automatic voltage switch is provided, then it can fluctuate a lot while welding. And this can be really irritating while working with a nice bead. No such worries now.

A powerful Easy-Flux welder

The titanium easy-flux 125 amp, instead of being a small machine it’s a very powerful machine for its size. It offers a wide output range starting from as low as 15-amp. At the 70-amp output, it can weld a 1/8-inch rod. To the surprise of most users, it can weld a ¼ inch rod at 240v input with quite good results. Impressive.

Over-current protection

As the titanium easy-flux, 125 uses inverter technology, and it also features an overcurrent protection to keep the machine safe. It comes with an indicator light. This is the easiest and cheapest way to achieve the best protection in inverter technology-based machines like this welder. It’s fast, accurate, and will save the welder from burning. And it also features thermal overload protection. 

Control and adjustment

Controlling and adjusting this welder is as easy as it can get. As we have mentioned several times, this is a perfect device for beginners. All the necessary information is given on the body of the welder. Using those, a welder can decide the input, the size of the rod and adjust everything as necessary.


You can weld mild steel, cast iron, and even stainless steel using this device. Rods of different sizes can be welded with this. At maximum power, it can weld ¼ inch rods. The finishing result is very satisfying for a welder. The weld is very strong, smooth, and uniform. New starting doesn’t affect the welding.  

Duty cycle

Most industrial welders have a 100% duty cycle.
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This is an apparent letdown for this welder. The duty cycle means how much the welding can be done at a time without stopping. Most industrial welders have a 100% duty cycle. But this welder has a 40% duty cycle for 120v input and 70-amp output. But for maximum input, it has only a 20% duty cycle. 

But here is the catch. As it is mainly created for small welding operations, at an average input and output, and for average-sized welding, it is capable of finishing the work without stopping. So, no reason to get worried.

welder Price

This is where everything makes perfect sense. This is a welder for small works with great and efficient performance, and the price is very reasonable. This welder comes at a less than 300$ price mark. It is quite impossible for another Easy-Flux welder at this price that will give the same performance as the titanium easy-flux 125 amp. So, great value for money.

welder Warranty

The company that produces and ships this product which is Harbor Freight, confirms this product to be free from any defects as of shipping. And they will provide workmanship for this product up to 90 days from the date of purchase. There can be some limitations in some cases.

User reviews

The titanium easy-flux 125 amp welder is a very well-received Easy-Flux welder. Most of the users at first had doubts about its performance. But they have all been left surprised by the solid and constant performance given by this machine. It renders exactly what it was made and marketed for. A small, compact, powerful, and portable Flux welder that gives really good output welds. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Let’s see some FAQS!

Can you weld titanium with a Flux welder?

Titanium and titanium alloys are great for use in welding. But as this metal readily reacts with any contamination in the surroundings, it is not suitable for every welding process.

Easy-Flux welding or shielded metal arc welding uses flux-coated rods that create gas in the surroundings. And titanium will react with this gas. So, Flux welders are not good for welding titanium.

How do you weld a titanium easy-flux 125 amp welder?

The process is quite easy and intuitive. Connect the welder to a DC power source which can be achieved by using the AC power adapter. Connect the ground clamp with the welder and then attach it to the workpiece. Choose your electrode and attach it to the electrode holder. Now turn on the welder, take your electrode and start welding. 

What kind of welder do I need for titanium?

As the titanium metal cannot be welded with every welder, the options available are mainly MIG and TIG welder. These two welders are commonly used to weld titanium.

You can also use a resistance welder, plasma arc welder, electron beam, or even friction welder to weld titanium but to an extent. Easy-Flux or gas welders are not suitable for this.

Conclusion By titanium easy-flux 125

We are at the end of our discussion on the titanium easy-flux 125 reviews. This was intended to give you an in-depth analysis of this fine machine. You should now be able to make a decision about buying a Titanium Easy Flux 125 AMP Welder. As you now have all the information necessary to make this decision.

This is not a perfect device, nor is it able to do every type of welding out there. This welder is designed to be a compact, powerful, lightweight, and portable alternative to the heavyweight industrial welders in the market. According to our research, this welder successfully checks all the boxes that it intends to.

So, if you are a beginner at welding or you just need a smaller yet quite powerful and effective Easy-Flux welder, we confidently recommend you the titanium easy-flux 125 amp welder Reviews welders. Its performance will surprise you as it has a lot of other users. 

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