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Car enthusiasts want to make their look fresh and glossy than most other cars in the arena. Waxing is a new process in the polishing and finishing section of a car. It makes your car look shiny, protects its paint, and reduces the impact of scratches and swirl marks. Using electric buffer does the job more easily than using it by hand.

You must know clearly how to wax a car with an electric buffer? Doing the procedure incorrectly may damage the paint and car’s surface.

Waxing a car is a pretty simple process. All you will need is a good quality wax compound, an electric buffer with a foam pad, and wax remover. Applying the wax on the surface after washing and buffering it with a random orbital buffer does the job.

Stains Remove Guideline On How To Wax A Car With An Electric Buffer? A Vehicle Expert

There are certain steps you should follow to perfectly wax your car. Following the procedures will deliver a shiny, Scratchless, and smooth surface.

Pick The Materials Required For Waxing

  • Electric Buffer
  • Foam Pad
  • liquid /solid wax
  • Microfiber cloth
Electric Buffer polisher
Electric Buffer
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buffer foam pad
Foam Pad
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 liquid /solid wax
liquid /solid wax
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Microfiber cloth
Microfiber cloth
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Type of all Prodect .

Electric buffers which have random orbital movement works best for car waxing. It distributes the pressure equally on the surface with a radius. As a result, the overheating issue is minimized. Besides, a random orbital buffer works better and consistently to avoid swirl marks. It helps to apply the wax equally on the surface and rub the area with constant pressure and rpm.

Foam buffing pads are the best suitable pads for car waxing purposes. It is very soft possesses good absorbent characteristics. This pad is durable enough to tolerate high rpm and pressure applied to it. Moreover, it is compatible to receive solid, liquid, and paste wax as well.

Liquid wax works best for waxing your car. There are a lot of wax options available in the market. It is better to select the liquid wax with Carnauba as the main ingredient in it. Besides, there are solid wax options with the same ingredient as well.

These wax types don’t degrade easily being washed with water. Moreover, it can withstand high heat and high Ultra Violet exposure from the sun. Above all, liquid wax leaves shiny glossy paintwork, giving your car an aesthetic look.

Taking a microfiber cloth is optional but important. You can use the microfiber cloth to manually remove the wax residues from the car’s surface. Leaving an excess amount of unused wax on the paintwork may damage it gradually. Microfiber towels are soft enough to remove the excess unused wax from the surface without leaving a mark.

Get Your Car Ready For Being Waxed

In the next step, you must prepare the environment to wax your car. Make sure you are going to apply the wax under the shade of the parking area or garage. The atmosphere should not possess excess moisture or humidity. Besides, the environment should be cool enough. These are done because the direct exposure of the car’s wax under sunlight may dry it very quickly.

Car Ready For Being Waxed
Car Ready For Being Waxed

Again, you must thoroughly wash your car and clean the target surface to be waxed. You must remove the specks of dirt or any other residues from the car’s surface before applying wax. Otherwise, the residual particles may result in developing scratches on the car’s body.

You can use the pressure washer with Foam common dish soap or compatible car washing shampoo for washing your car. The pressurized water and heavy foam help to remove the dirt quite easily. If the instruments are not easily accessible, a soft clean cloth soaked in soapy water can get the job done. 

Application of the Wax

Let your car be exposed to air dry. After your car is completely dried, it becomes ready to be applied with wax. Now you can follow the steps for applying wax to your car:

Firstly, pour some amount of the wax you want to use on the surface of the foam pad. I suppose It would be best if you poured enough wax on the pad. Because the wax gets dried the pad, it may result in developing scratches. Double-check that the wax is compatible and safe to use on the paint job of your car.

  • Nextly install the foam pad on the electric buffer and connect it to the socket. The waxing area should be wide enough for your easy maneuverability. Otherwise, you can not apply wax everywhere equally and effectively. 
  • You can also pour some drops of the wax on the target surface if you are using liquid wax. This helps to keep the surface safe from dry buffing and scratches. 

Buffing the target car surface

  • Firstly, turn on the electric buffer and start buffing your car’s surface. Do not apply extra pressure while doing a maneuver. Gentle pressure with swiping movement followed in a pattern would do the work.
  • The sweeping strokes should be wide and long enough. Providing with short sweeping strokes may leave swirl buffing marks on your car, which degrades the outlook.
  • Keep on moving the buffer around the surface about 4-5 times. You can move to the next area after you feel satisfied enough with the waxing. 
  • After completion, inspect the entire car thoroughly for left-out spaces. You must check for paint damage or scratches as well. These may destroy the beauty of your car. 

Removal of the Wax from the surface

There may be leftovers of wax in some areas. You cannot simply leave the unused wax untreated. Due to this, there may develop some spots and marks on your car’s surface.

Use the soft microfiber cloth to wipe the entire waxed area 2-3 times. You can apply the pressure required enough to remove the wax from the surface.

The wiping should be done in a straight pattern rather than following a random pattern. It helps to reduce the chance of scratches. It is better to use more than a single microfiber cloth for completely removing wax. After complete removal of the wax, a clean towel should be used for the final cleaning of the car’s surface. 

If you follow the steps thoroughly, then you will be getting a beautiful and shiny car in front of you.

FAQ by Electric Buffer 🥏

Let us know the ins and outs of car waxing procedures.

Is It OK To Wax Your Car With A Power Buffer?

You can use power buffer machines with constant or random orbital movements. These machines are designed to buff the car very easily and consistently. You need not buff your car manually if you have a power buffer. 

Should I Wax My Car By Hand Or With A Buffer?

It is better to use electric or cordless buffer machines for waxing your car. Using hands to apply strokes manually will be comparatively less effective because you can only give 2-3 strokes on the area. On the other hand, a buffer applies more than a thousand strokes to the space due to its high rpm count.


Application wax is a common practice nowadays. It not only keeps your clean and shiny but also protects the original paint job. Moreover, it also keeps the resale value of the car elevated. Since it is a very easy and less time-consuming procedure, you can do it yourself. This will save some bucks for taking the car to a garage.  

But, it is important to know how to wax a car with an electric buffer? before putting your hand to it. Otherwise, you may damage the car’s surface, leave scratches or damage the paint.

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