What Is A Bidirectional Scan Tool And How To Use It

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Do your drive a car regularly? If yes, you must have to know about the bidirectional scan tool. A bidirectional scan tool is a kind of equipment that can be connected to a car’s engine computer. It can read error codes as well as send necessary commands. 

A bidirectional scan tool is a computer security tool that allows you to see both sides of a security issue. This is important because it allows you to find vulnerabilities in systems before they are exploited. Bidirectional scan tools are also useful for auditing systems.

Bidirectional Scan Tool

Additionally, this tool can communicate with your car precisely. This is how it can supply the best solutions to solve the car’s problem.  

Further, the bidirectional scan tool can turn the systems in your car on and off. This is how you will get the knowledge on why the check engine light is on. 

Bidirectional scan tools are a great option because you will get multiple functions in a single device. Here, we will discuss various features of a bidirectional scan tool. Let’s check – 

How To Use A Bidirectional Scan Tool?

Do you drive a car regularly or ever worked on a car? Then, this tool should be a common name for you. This is one of the crucial gadgets for a car. You can’t check or find out the problem of a car’s engine without it.

A bidirectional scan tool is a diagnostic tool used to communicate with a vehicle’s onboard computer. It is used to troubleshoot and diagnose vehicle problems. Moreover, it can also be used to reset the computer after several repairs have been made.

This section will discuss how to use a bidirectional scan tool. Hence, we will try to show you the whole procedure step-by-step. We will do it to ensure that you’ll understand it correctly. Let’s go – 

Step 1 –  Attach it With Your Car

This is actually a widespread thing. There’s no way. You have to fasten the bidirectional scan tool with your car. 

Step 2 – Register the Device

Most gadgets are ready to use just after unboxing them from the box. Nevertheless, you have to check thoroughly whether the device needs to be registered. If it requires registering process, then do it immediately. 

Step 3 – Select the Test You Want

You can select any test you desire. This Is totally up to you. Further, you can even choose the function you like. But, one recommendation from us – The most sophisticated way to operate your gadget is to refer to the user manual. 

Every product is different from the other. Moreover, they also have a variety of functions. For this reason, they need to be used in different ways. Be careful with that. Otherwise, things could be backfired. 

Bidirectional Scan Tool Benefits

A bidirectional scan tool is a handheld device used to communicate with a vehicle’s onboard computer. It can both read and clear diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs). Moreover, it can supply live data readings.

Bidirectional scan tools are an essential piece of equipment for any automotive mechanic. These gadgets can provide a quick and easy way to diagnose and repair various technical vehicle issues proficiently.

There are many benefits to using a bidirectional scan tool. Here, we want to discuss some of these – 

1. Quick and Easy Troubleshooting 

Bidirectional scan tools can easily read and clear DTCs and provide live data readings. This is how technicians can find the real problem and repair vehicle issues.

2. Improved Communication 

Bidirectional scan tools can significantly enhance communication between the technician and the vehicle’s on-board computer. This allows for a more clinical diagnosis and repair.

3. Increased Efficiency 

Bidirectional scan tools help to increase the efficiency of the repair process. The machinists can save time and money by conveniently communicating with the vehicle’s on-board computer. 

4. Enhanced Safety 

Bidirectional scan tools massively assist in enhancing the safety process. They can deliver errorless information about the car’s engine and going to tell you what to do to eliminate it. 

Bidirectional Scan Tool Tutorial

Are you struggling to find a comprehensive and integrated diagnostic scan? No worry! Ancel DS700 is here for you! Hence, it can productively meet your needs. It is a new-gen professional diagnostic tablet. This tablet comes with a complete set of great value accessories for your high-end scanner needs and comprehensive testing.

It’s such an excellent scanner for automotive repair stores. Firstly, plug the VCI dongle into the vehicle’s DLC socket. On the other side, a Bluetooth connection makes the device more convenient to use. There’s also an AI detection system.

This is how it can automatically discover the vehicle information. Further, Ancel DS700 supports full system diagnostics with a full scan of the car’s available control modules. 

The modules include engine/transmission/ABS/SRS/ASP and other vehicle systems. You need to click “Report” to get the overall health condition of the vehicle. 

Consequently, powerful diagnostic functions include reading fault codes, reading data streams, actuation test functions, etc. Ancel DS700 tab can perform the functional test (bi-directional) output the command into the ECU to turn on/off actuators. 

Besides, this is how it can find errors in the subsystem of your car without a hassle. The highly advanced ECU coding function can easily enhance the vehicle’s performance or stimulate high-end features for the car. 

The DS700 can do maintenance and reset functions, including oil light reset, break-pad reset, TPMS reset, SAS calibration, ABS bleeding, injector coding, battery matching, etc. 

DS700 car scanner can provide a fast diagnosis on all available systems of vehicle coverage for more than a hundred brands all over the world. Additionally, you can enter the vehicle brand and model to enquire about the support functions and diagnostic systems. 

It is equipped with Android 10.0 OS, a 10-inch touch screen, 64 GB internal storage, 6000mAH battery capacity. 

The device generally allows customers to enjoy a fast technological and safe experience. Further, the Ancel file is used to record and establish the file of the diagnosed vehicles, including all Vin-related data like diagnostic reports, data stream records and pictures. 

The users can record and save essential info or operational problems through the screenshot and screen recorded feature. 

This is how you can replay or review them while you visit an auto part store to solve the problem. 

Bidirectional Scan Tool Basics

The most basic function of a bidirectional scan tool is to read and clear diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs). DTCs are codes stored by the vehicle’s electronic control system when it finds a problem. Further, clearing the codes will often fix the problem. But, if the codes keep coming back, further diagnosis will be necessary.

Another common use for a bidirectional scan tool is to read live data from the vehicle’s electronic control system. Hence, this can be useful for troubleshooting problems. It can also monitor the overall system performance of the vehicle.

Some bidirectional scan tools also have the ability to reprogram vehicle electronic control modules. This is often necessary when updating the software in the module or replacing a damaged module.

Bidirectional scan tools can be purchased from many automotive parts stores or online retailers. They typically cost between $100 and $300.

Final Words

So, this is from us on the bidirectional scan tool. We tried our best to give you pertinent information on this device. Further, we hope our review will benefit you and you will indeed generate in-depth knowledge from it. 

In the era of high-end tech, various pieces of equipment make our lives easy and sophisticated. A bidirectional tool is one of them. 

So, what’s your take regarding our article? Do you have any suggestions? You’re welcome to do it in the box below. Till the next time, thank you and best wishes! 

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