Why Does My ATV Battery Keep Dying?

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ATV full meaning [All-Terrain Vehicle], I will use ATV in a sort wey everywhere. ATV batteries are sensitive things. There are many signs that indicate that the ATV battery is dying though the reasons behind this could be different. You have to look for the signs to understand what particular problem the battery has in order to solve the issue.

For example, the engine is backfiring. You need to press the gas pedal to start the engine. Or a dimming headlight indicates that your battery is dying. Depending on the situation you can only decide and take steps to prevent further damage to the battery.

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My ATV (all-terrain vehicle) Battery Keep Dying?

There might be several reasons that your ATV (All-Terrain Vehicle) battery may die off. However, the most common reasons and their possible solutions are- If you spend too much time out in the wild with an ATV (All-Terrain Vehicle), you’re bound to have a bad day.

And if you’re looking for the right way to overcome this challenge, you may have to turn back to your battery. For ATV riders, battery life is just as important as the ride itself, so finding out what’s wrong with your battery is critical for your ride’s success.

How to save battery while plowing?

Your vehicle is the crown jewel in your car’s array of features, ensuring you can get where you need to go, but when something goes wrong, it can be the true test of the material you’re made of.

Have you ever experienced your car battery draining while plowing through deep snow? It’s actually not all that uncommon. Most people don’t realize how significant battery power can be in cold weather, especially when their battery is cold.

Low Fluid or Acid Level 🎚️

Low Fluid or Acid Level power battery

If you have a lead-acid battery in your ATV, there might be an acid reduction in the battery which resulted in the dying situation. This is a common occurrence with a lead-acid battery where the gel batteries don’t have this type of problem. When the electrolyte level gets too low, it becomes difficult for the battery to operate normally. So, before throwing it away consider checking the acid level. 

Lead-acid batteries generally have a removable cover. If it doesn’t, then don’t force it to open. Maintenance-free batteries need a replacement when they don’t provide service any longer.

To check the acid level carefully follow the following steps-

  • Clean the cover with a rug. If it is too dirty, use an ammonia-based cleaner or rubbing alcohol to get rid of the surface dirt.
  • Be aware that the dust particles shouldn’t fall inside the battery or the ports as it may reduce the utility. As soon the battery cover dries, remove it from the top.
  • Check individually if the battery plates are covered with electrolytes. They are supposed to be covered at least half of their length.
  • If not, fill the reduced amount with distilled water. Don’t overflow or surpass the safe level.
  • If the battery has any leakage it wouldn’t hold the liquid up to the mark. So, look for any visible leaks.
  • Put the lid back and recharge the battery to check whether it holds a charge or not.

Old battery👴

Old battery ATV Battery Keep Dying

Everything has an end. As the battery gets old, the possibility is it will be more hazardous day by day. An all-terrain vehicle battery is not as durable as a car battery because it has to go onto uneven roads and muddy compounds. Your old ATV may have a charging problem. Check if the battery is bad. To do so, you can perform a load test. This test helps to figure out whether the battery can hold a high voltage under a heavy load.

  • First full-charge the battery and check the voltage level. When the circuit is open the battery should have a voltage above 12.4v. If the reading is no more than 10.5, the cell might have defected to hold the charge. And if the voltage is below 12.4v it may be due to the sulfation.
  • Keep a record of the voltage. Press the min/max button to get the recorded reading. Then start the ATV. Even if the four-wheeler doesn’t start, the engine will suck a lot of current from the battery.
  • Turn off the engine and check the voltage reading. If the battery voltage drops below 9.6v, it is high time you replace it because the battery can hold a charge anymore.

Defective Battery👉

Defects in the battery whether it’s new or old. If you have unknowingly purchased a defective battery then it can die out of nowhere. That’s definitely a manufacturing fault that you have nothing to do with. However, you can do some basic checkups to figure out what is the problem and conduct the seller for a replacement. Some tests you can do are- load test, amp-hour rating, cold-cranking amps, etc. A faulty battery can be from a top-notch brand. If you’ve bought a quality product and it still has issues after running the tests, contact the dealer.

Fault in the Charging System of An ATV Battery🔋

The ATVs have stators to supply power. If there is a fault in the charging system of the AVT battery, then it would turn into a dead battery. The reason behind this can be a screwed-up voltage regulator or a bad stator. To find out the faults in a charging system check out the following factors-

Fault in the Charging System of An ATV Battery

Get the reading of the current-voltage of your quad bike by entering diagnostic mode. There should be detailed writing in the user manual about this. If the ATV doesn’t have it, you can use a multimeter. A low rating indicates a bad stator. On the other hand, a high rating indicates a faulty voltage regulator that results in overcharging. The rating should be 13.5v when not working and 14v to 14.5v when the engine is working.

If the bike is overcharging, then either the voltage regulator is defective or it broke because of the defective stator. Then replace the voltage regulator and the stator. However, the battery may evaporate the acid and might be dry if it had been overcharging for a long time. Therefore, you can add some distilled water though this may not be the solution.

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Final Words😱

We hope this article has helped you to find out the reasons and their solutions behind your dead or faulty ATV battery. Sometimes the ATV battery dies while riding. This will turn into a bad experience if you are riding your ATV in the middle of nowhere. Therefore, check the battery when it seems to be faulty the first time to prevent any hazardous situation. If your new Arctic Cat ATV battery keeps going dead, contact the dealer. Have a safe and enjoyable ride!

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